Apex Legends Season 16 Heirloom - leaks suggest next legend heirloom

Apex Legends season 16 is still waiting for that glorious heirloom to be released into the game.

But, there have now been some new leaks that suggest the legend which will next be getting an heirloom for the new season.

It's worth mentioning that so far, these are just leaks. So, we shouldn't expect these to be exactly true.

However, the leaker is very trustworthy and has proven their skill beforehand.

If the legend who has been leaked does receive a new heirloom, then fans are expecting this to be the best one in the game with their unique weapon.

So, let's take a look at the new leaks which hint at the next legend to receive an heirloom in Apex Legends season 16.

Apex Legends Season 16 Heirloom Leaks

Content creator and data miner @KralRindo has revealed some new pieces of information for who may be getting the next heirloom.

In his Twitter post, he revealed that Ash would be the next legend to get an heirloom in season 16!

Past rumors circling Horizon getting the next heirloom may have been disproven with this new leak.

Other gamers have also noticed the phrase 'Death Sword' included in the Apex Legend coding, which could only mean one legend... Ash.

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Speculation on the Ash Heirloom

Many fans commented under this leaked post suggesting what the Ash heirloom may look like.

Ash Heirloom concept art in Apex Legends
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Speculation has ranged from more oriental-themed skins to fit her sword to complaints that Horizon has been left out.

But, there have been several content creators who have looked at potential designs of this heirloom for the legend in the game.

Despite the depth of these designs, we can only wait until Respawn Entertainment is ready to tell us.

But, keep your eyes peeled, as this article will be updated with any information released for the possible Ash heirloom in Apex Legends.

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