Apex Legends Olympus Removed - january 19 update changes rotation

Apex Legends Olympus map has been removed from the map rotation in a small update yesterday, January 19 2022.

A major issue with the map caused players to experience issues which affected their gameplay.

This was the main reason why Respawn Entertainment decided to remove this map from their rotational pool.

Hopefully, Olympus will soon return to the game and be available for players worldwide.

However, until that time, players will have to deal with one less map in the current map rotation.

So, let's take a look at the January 19 update in Apex Legends, Olympus' removal from the pool and why this happened.

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Olympus Map Removed from Apex Legends Rotation

Respawn Entertainment's official Twitter made a tweet discussing the deletion of Olympus from the pool.

They stated that this was done to help resolve the issue that a lot of players in-game were experiencing.

However, the tweet did not provide much information about a return date for Olympus.

But, it shouldn't take too long for the developer team to figure out the main issue with the map.

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What was the Error?

Widespread disconnection issues with the servers have caused issues for many players.

However, these recent error messages in Olympus have added an extra level of frustration for the community.

Apex Legends Olympus map
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When loading into the Olympus map, players would experience crashing which was often met with a...

"Engine Error – UI images ran out of room."

This all began with the recent update released on January 19 2023.

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When will Olympus Re-join the Apex Map Rotation?

There has not yet been any confirmation for when these issues on Olympus will be resolved and it can return.

Developers will keep the community updated and this article will also be updated with any news.

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