Why is Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Down?

Apex Legends mobile

Apex Legends mobile

Apex Legends mobile will be shutting down in 2023 and the community aren't too happy about it.

There are many reasons why the mobile version of the game will be shutting down this year.

But, one of the reasons is that Respawn Entertainment feel like they can't give the high-quality experience they do on other platforms.

An official statement was released by the gaming giant yesterday and many fans have been left disappointed.

Additionally, the official end date of the game was also released by the company in a heartfelt message.

So, let's look at why Apex Legends mobile is shutting in 2023 and what this means for all players.

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Why is Apex Legends Mobile Shutting Down?

Respawn released an official statement on their official Twitter account about the huge decision.

They also linked to a FAQ where players could answer and have their questions answered by the developers.

Initially described as 'factors out of their control' the heartfelt message felt a bit cryptic.

However, the message then went into how they felt about the mobile game as it stands.

As a company that wants everything to be perfect, Apex Legends Mobile just wasn't living up to its standards.

Respawn left a message with a big thanks to the community of the game and expressed much gratitude.

When will it Shut Down?

The mobile port of the game will shut down on May 1 2023 at 4 pm, PDT.

Apex Legends mobile
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In between this time, players will not be able to make any in-game purchases between now and May 1 2023.

But, users can spend their existing syndicate gold and play the game without any issue until the shutting down date and time.

Time zones may look slightly different depending on what time zone you are in.

Here are some popular time zones for the end date of Apex Legends mobile.

  • 12 am GMT
  • 6 pm CT
  • 7 pm ET
  • 5 pm MST
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