Apex Legends January 23 Update - full patch notes REVEALED

Apex Legends firing range

Apex Legends firing range

Apex Legends patch notes for the small hotfix update yesterday have now been revealed.

Although the update is a much smaller patch, some pretty big bug fixes have been implemented.

This update in specific has cleared any issues the community have with one specific legend in the game.

The newer updates were released yesterday into the live game on January 23 2023.

But, now we have the full patch notes for the update with all of the changes made coming from an official Tweet.

So, let's take a look at the full patch notes for the January 23 hotfix update in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Full Patch Notes for January 23

Here are the full live game updated patch notes.

  • Legends start with the correct number of tactical charges in BR
  • The firing Range easter egg can be activated again
  • Eliminating Wraith by headshot no longer causes incorrect particle effects
  • Horizon’s tactical changes have been reverted

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Respawn Entertainment Tweet

Respawn Entertainment addressed the fix yesterday and explained the changes that would be coming to the game.

Their tweet then went on to read...

"To clarify, the 'Horizon tactical changes reverted' refers to putting in a proper fix instead of the backend version we shipped last week. Players should see no change."

Despite the vagueness of the explanation, this refers to a Horizon issue within the game.

Horizon used to receive an accuracy penalty when firing whilst hovering in the Gravity Lift.

But, this has now been changed in the latest January 23 Apex Legends patch.

The easter egg game in the firing range was also accidentally removed in the last update.

However, this has now been re-added in the smaller hotfix update.

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