Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise - new skins REVEALED

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Apex Legends new Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will start tomorrow, January 24 2023.

Four brand-new skins for Octane, other legends and weapons have been revealed in an official Twitter post.

Cinematics were also shown in the video which gave fans a good insight into what they will look like in-game.

They are all available on the release date tomorrow along with the rest of the content.

With four new legendary skins in the game, this celestial sunrise is looking to be a rich event for all.

So, let's look at the new skins coming to the game in Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event.

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What new Legendary Skins are Coming in the Celestial Sunrise Event?

There are six total new skins coming to the game in the new collection event for Apex Legends.

However, four of these skins will be legendary. So, they will have new designs for the characters.


The new Octane skin celebrates the Chinese new year with his rabbit-inspired skin.

Every other legendary skin also takes a very oriental vibe with the bright red and green colour palette.

Here are all of the new legendary skins coming to the event.

“Lion Guard” Caustic and “Dragon’s Breath” Devotion

Apex Legends Caustic and Devotion
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“Dragon Warrior” Pathfinder and “Ornate Dragon” Hemlock

Apex Legends Pathfinder and Hemlock
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“Opalescent Serpent” Ash and “Serpent’s Fang” Wingman

Apex Legends Ash and Wingman
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“Lucky Rabbit” Octane and “Paying It Forward” Volt

Apex Legends Octane and Volt
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What other Skins are Coming to the Game?

There are also two new Epic skins coming to Apex Legends in this new event.

Epic skins in Apex just provide the legends with some new colours. Because of this, they sit at a lower price compared to the above legendary skins.


These are...

“Operatic Aquamarine” Wattson

Wattson in Apex Legends
click to enlarge

“Jade Fortress” Newcastle

Apex Legends Newcastle
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