Among Us VR Release Date may have just leaked

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Although Among Us was released in 2018, it didn't really hit its stride until 2020. Since then, we've seen a launch on all major platforms, new updates and now, a new VR game. Luckily, we may have just seen its release date leak. Here's what we know about it.

Among Us VR Release Date

Originally announced last year, we may finally know when Among Us VR is going to launch. Over on SteamDB, a new update was just made to the files.

Essentially, SteamDB is an archive of all changes made to a game, both prior to launch and after. You can dig in there to spot what's different. Though we have known about the Among Us VR Steam DB for a while, we haven't received much from it.

Among Us VR
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One of the major changes that today's update did is add a release date. This is not a mandatory field, so the date 10 November 2022 – 18:00:00 UTC feels oddly specific right now.

What Does This Mean?

Technically, there's a chance this means nothing. This release date could be nothing more than a placeholder for the actual release date at some point in the future. This being said, they don't need to commit to a date so this specific date is an odd choice.

If it actually means something, it seems likely that is an estimated release date of some kind. They could have that there as some sort of internal date. If all of this isn't the case, this could just be the release date. With Summer Game Fest coming up in June, it seems possible we will receive a trailer then, followed by the full launch in November. This would be a perfect launch window, getting it out there in time for the Holiday. We'll update you here if any new information comes in.

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