Halo Infinite: How to Buy Premium Battle Pass (Season One)

It's here! Xbox has surprise launched the Halo Infinite multiplayer on November 15, three weeks before the official launch, and it's free to play for everyone on Xbox and PC. If you want to make the most of the multiplayer, here's how to buy the Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite for Season One.

How to Buy Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite

From the main Halo Infinite multiplayer menu, press Y to head to Season One's info. From there, select the battle pass, which is the left of the two tiles there. That will show you everything that's available at each rank.

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However, as is often the case in games with battle passes, there's a premium version that allows you to unlock everything in the scrolling list.

To buy the Premium Battle Pass in Halo Infinite, press X to 'upgrade to premium' where you're presented with two options.

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You can buy the Premium Battle Pass for 1000 Credits or the Premium Pass Bundle for 2800. The latter will allow you to skip the first 25 levels of the battle pass and instantly unlock everything included. Just choose the option you want.

If you don't already have the credits, you'll be prompted to buy however many you want. Do that, confirm that purchase, and you'll have the battle pass unlocked and can start playing Halo Infinite to unlock everything on offer.

What's Included in Season 1?

As for what rewards you can unlock as part of Season One's battle pass in Halo Infinite, it's a huge selection of stuff, but nothing out of the ordinary. You'll find:

  • XP boosts
  • Colored or themed armor parts, such as visors
  • The ability to swap challenges
  • Various cool helmets, including flame ones

There's 100 levels for you to work through, so there's a lot to grab. Season One is due to end in May 2022, so there's a lot of time to grind through the battle pass.

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