Hades Is Coming To Consoles And Xbox Game Pass

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Supergiant Games' Hades is finally making its way to Xbox. The game released initially in 2018 for early access. After a long time developing in early access, the game released to huge critical and commercial success in September 2020.

The game would go on to be nominated for Game of the Year at The Game Awards in 2020. Many thought it should have taken home the title against the mixed reception for The Last of Us Part II.

Hades on Console Release Date

Hades will release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on 13 August 2021. The multi award winning roguelike has been massively sought after by console players. Up to now its only been available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Is Hades On Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Hades will be launching on consoles and Xbox Game Pass on the same day. This means subscribers can play the game straight away at no additional cost. The value for Game Pass just keeps getting better and better!

Hades is more than just a roguelike meant to frustrate players, as it also has an amazing story that will progress along with the player. Since its launch, the story and cast of characters have become very popular with fans online.

Is Hades A Hard Game?

Hades is a game about progression. With the style that it takes on, roguelike, you will make multiple runs though dungeons and look to do better with each run. Throughout your various runs, you'll make more progress and earn more upgrades and rewards. These will make your future runs in the game easier.

There is no shame in dying in Hades. Like the Souls games, if you treat every death as a learning experience, the gameplay cycle actually becomes more fun. While there is an initial learning curve, the satisfaction for completing a section, regardless of how many lives it takes, is the biggest reward.

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