WWE 2K22 Servers Down: How to fix connection issues, check server status

With the WWE 2K22 servers down shortly after launch and continued connectivity issues popping up, things have been frustrating for some players.

Fortunately, we've got new details on a temporary fix for anyone having WWE 2K22 server issues as a more permanent solution hopefully is set to land soon.

Latest - Devs offer temporary fix for connection issues

While things should get more resolution soon in the upcoming WWE 2K22 Update 1.06, we've gotten an interim resolution from devs for players having server connection problems.

The official-unofficial account RibbieWWE, which is themed after the in-game character Ribbie we've seen in the series over the years, has offered this solution:

We can confirm this tends to fix the issue, as any time we've had server connection problems a hard restart of the console usually resolves the problem.

The same fix can help if you're having issues with WWE 2K22 crashing or other bugs, but all of these will hopefully be given a more permanent resolution with the next update.

WWE 2K22 Servers Down: Maintenance on the way

Right from the launch of Early Access, the WWE 2K22 servers started having issues with maintaining the load of new players signing on to play.

Since then, there have been quite a few times servers have gone down and caused reports of outages to spike on Down Detector.

WWE 2K22 servers
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THE STRUGGLE: 2K could be having trouble handling new WWE users

However, exact WWE 2K22 server status remains a bit unclear as 2K has not yet launched a dedicated server status website like they have for NBA 2K.

WWE Games has announced server maintenance on a few occasions, but past that haven't spoken much about the details of the servers being down other than ensuring players they'll have things resolved as quickly as possible.

While you'll still be able to play modes like Play, MyGM, Showcase, and MyRISE without connection, if WWE 2K22 servers are down it will restrict access to all online lobbies, Community Creations (though previously downloaded creations should not be affected), and makes MyFACTION entirely inaccessible.

WWE 2K22 Server Status: How to know if servers are offline

One of the struggles with the current WWE 2K22 servers is that when they go down there isn't a clear server status website like has been made for the NBA 2K servers.

Instead, there are a few ways you can check to see if you're not the only one currently having trouble connecting to the WWE 2K22 servers.

You can always check Down Detector, as this is a great way to know if other players are having the same problems with WWE 2K22.

As for official updates, you can check for the latest tweets from the 2K Support and WWE Games accounts on Twitter, as both of these have provided updates on servers down and maintenance periods.

If you don't spot anything in any of those areas and are still having problems, try restarting your console entirely, as sometimes that can fix server-related errors like the one here.

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