Will CM Punk be in AEW Fight Forever?

CM Punk

CM Punk

AEW Fight Forever game will no doubt lay down a gauntlet in the gaming sphere as well.

With a major PPV event announced for Wembley Stadium, the hype around AEW is growing exponentially.

With a release date now revealed, we can start to take a look at which superstars will appear on the roster.

With that in mind, let's take a look at whether one of the company's top stars, CM Punk, will feature in this year's game.

CM Punk AEW Fight Forever

At Gamescon 2022, a preview of AEW Fight Forever featured 6 playable characters, with former AEW World Champion CM Punk being one of them.

The demo also included Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, Paul Wight, Thunder Rosa, and Hikaru Shida, several of which we've seen in gameplay previews released by AEW Games.

AEW Fight Forever
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NEW CHALLENGER - AEW Fight Forever is looking to release in 2023

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Former WWE star Punk was also placed in the very centre of the AEW Fight Forever cover, but things have changed in recent months,

While there is currently uncertainty about CM Punk's status in AEW following recent backstage altercations, it's unlikely he'd be removed from the game.

Agreements are likely already in place, and with things moving forward at the pace they are, even a departure from AEW probably wouldn't see him taken off the game's roster.

WWE 2K23 CM Punk
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BEST IN THE WORLD - Fans are hoping to see CM Punk in AEW Fight Forever

Of course, significant delays to the game's release date could mean that a further changing on the goalposts are made, with Punk potentially being removed from the roster.

A revised cover for the game removed Punk from prominence and his future is still up in the air.

Backstage Bust-ups

CM Punk has been at the core of much controversy throughout his wrestling career but his recent bust-up in AEW may have caused the biggest stir of all.

Punk, in a post-match press-conference, detailed a dispute with a former friend and took his frustrations out on centre members of the AEW lockeroom.

Since then, former AEW champion Punk has not been seen on AEW television and his future with the company remains unclear.

AEW Fight Forever CM Punk Cover
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CHANGING ROLES - Punk may be removed from the AEW roster

However, when it comes to CM Punk's inclusion in AEW Fight Forever, things may be more clear-cut, with reports circulating that the developers would announce any departures from the roster.

As of now, no such announcement has been made regarding Punk, and we certainly hope that the Best in the World is a playable character.

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