How to throw your opponent off hell in a cell in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Hell in a Cell

WWE 2K23 Hell in a Cell

WWE 2K23 has many match modes, and all of them are extremely entertaining. One of the fan favourites is the Hell In A Cell match, which puts superstars inside a steel cage.

There are plenty of unique moves you can perform in the Hell In A Cell match, with many involving using the structure to your advantage. Throwing off your opponent from the top of the steel cage is one of them.

So, let's find out how to throw your opponent off Hell In A Cell in WWE 2K23.

How To Throw Your Opponent Off Hell In A Cell In WWE 2K23

The Hell In A Cell match has plenty of iconic moments.

Moments like Undertaker chokeslam on Rikishi, the debut of Kane, or the legendary Undertaker vs Triple H Wrestlemania 28 match, are some that come to mind.

However, when most fans hear the words Hell In A Cell, they think of Undertaker throwing Mankind off the top of the cell.

It's one of the most impactful moves in the history of wrestling, and one every fan wants to replicate. WWE 2K23 allows fans to do just that.

This move causes a lot of damage to your opponent. However, it's not a hard move to perform and can even win you the match.

WWE 2K23 The Undertaker vs Kane Hell In A Cell
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The Undertaker is synonymous with Hell In A Cell

First, you will need to escape the Cell, since you can only climb to the top from the outside.

To do that, perform plenty of slams against the cage walls, or do a Cell Breakout Finisher, by pressing R2 + Square on PlayStation, or RT + A on Xbox.

When outside of the cage, press R1 or RB to climb to the top of the cell.

Once you reach the top, wait for your opponent to get there as well.

Then, try to cause him some damage. Preferably you want your opponent to be stunned.

WWE 2K23 Hell In A Cell Roman and Cody
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Throwing your opponent from the top of the cell will inflict huge damage

Grab him by pressing B or Circle, and then press L1 or L to drag him to the edge of the cage.

If you have a finisher, you can perform a special Hell in a Cell finishing move, that will throw your opponent from the top.

You can also just press B or Circle again to push him off the edge.

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WWE 2K23 Controls guide
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