How to run in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Chris Jericho

AEW Fight Forever Chris Jericho

AEW Fight Forever has arrived, with players and critics now able to experience the game.

Whilst initial reviews have been mixed, players are certain to enjoy getting stuck into this unique gaming experience.

One such reason for that intrigue is a totally new controls system, which will enable players to hit some of the most impressive finishing moves we've ever seen.

There has been some confusion, however, with players unable to work out if they can actually run in the game.

Fear not, we're here to answer your pressing question and find out how you can pick up the pace in AEW Fight Forever.

How to run in AEW Fight Forever

Simply, there is no conventional way to run in AEW Fight Forever. However, you can add a dash of pace to your match by bouncing off the ropes and attacking your opponent.

AEW Fight Forever training centre
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HONE YOUR CRAFT - The training centre is a great place to learn

Whilst not technically designated as a running button, pressing Circle on PS5 or B on Xbox will send you hurtling towards whichever direction you're pointing the left stick.

This will trigger a running action that will likely send you bouncing off the ropes, only then can you perform a running attack.

Running attacks are in the game and the inclusion of a designated sprint or running button feels like a missed opportunity.

AEW Fight Forever Sting
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WOOOO - AEW Fight Forever is finally here

However, you can certainly bring some pace to your bout by pressing circle/B, hurtling into the ropes before bouncing back to deliver a tasty running strike.

AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

AEW Fight Forever's gameplay is a true throwback to classic wrestling games and, for those who experienced those classic titles, picking up the controls for this new release shouldn't be too hard.

Having said that, there are still plenty of confusing points that need addressing.

AEW Fight Forever match
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LEARN THE ROPES - Mastering controls is key to victory

If you're a little confused as to how the controls work in AEW Fight Forever, we'd recommend heading into the training mode available in the main menu.

This training section will allow you to hone your skills and learn some of the new controls against an AI opponent that won't fight back.

For an even better experience, set our controls guide next to you whilst training in order to experience the ultimate way to boost your skills.

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