How to change attire in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Undertaker

WWE 2K23 Undertaker

There is arguably nothing more important for a superstar image in WWE 2K23 than his attire.

From iconic gowns to a simple style, you can literally become anything you want in WWE 2K23 with the incredible creation suite.

A superstar's attire embodies their personality and represents everything they stand for.

So, let's find out how to change a superstar's attire in WWE 2K23.

How To Change Attire In WWE 2K23

In WWE 2K23, fans can express all their creativity by producing their own unique attires.

It's also possible to download custom attires from the custom creations feature.

There are some astonishing attires created by fans, with many recreating iconic wrestling attires.

Players can download and use these created attires as an alternative attire for base game superstars.

If you want to know more about custom creations, and how to download attires, superstars and titles, check our custom creations guide.

How To Change Attire In WWE 2K23
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CM Punk custom attire

As mentioned above, you can also create your own attire, and attribute it to whatever superstar you want.

This will take some time to complete but will allow you to use your creativity to come up with some amazing attires.

To equip a custom-created or downloaded attire, you need to go to the creations tab on the main menu.

Click on superstars, and then choose the edit custom superstars option.

Choose the custom superstar you want, and click on edit.

Then click on the personal information tab.

Inside the personal information tab, change the use as alternate attire option to yes, and save the changes.

How To Change Attire In WWE 2K23
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There are plenty of attires you can download on custom creations

To make sure your attire was successfully attributed to the superstar you wanted, head to the quick-match mode.

Select the 1v1 match, and pick the superstar to which you attributed the custom attire.

Then, simply choose the attire you want.

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WWE 2K23 Controls Guide
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TOE TO TOE - Take to the ring with your favourite superstars

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