How to Backstage Brawl in WWE 2K23

wwe 2k23 The Rock Wrestlemania

wwe 2k23 The Rock Wrestlemania

WWE 2K23 offers various match types, with the game truly reflecting the versatile nature of WWE TV.

The game offers all of the classic match types you could hope to see and provides extra layers of brutality by offering modes like Backstage Brawl.

Taking things to the back is a great way to add some spice to your WWE 2K23 match-ups, and things have been taken to the next level in this year's game.

Check below as to how you can backstage brawl in WWE 2K23.

How to Backstage Brawl in WWE 2K23

Backstage Brawling is when two Superstars take their fight to the backstage areas, mainly consisting of locker rooms, a corridor and a car park.

In these different areas, you will find weapons and unique objects that can be used to perform incredible moments of brutality during a match.

For instance, there's a car in the backstage area that you can powerbomb your opponent through.

WWE 2K23 Backstage Brawl
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TAKE IT OUTSIDE - Backstage Brawls can turn brutal

Backstage Brawls are a great way to breathe an extra layer of brutality into a Universe Mode rivalry or simply use it to provide some versatility to your WWE 2K23 experience.

In order to access the backstage areas, you can do two things.

Firstly, you can select the backstage brawl match type in the list of match types before starting your fight.

This match type is determined by KO and can end in a surprising fashion, so be aware of that.

Selecting this match type will see you and your chosen opponent start in the backstage area, without access to the ring.

If you want to go between backstage and ringside then we suggest opting for one of the applicable match types that also enable backstage access.

WWE 2K23 backstage brawl Hogan Ultimate Warrior
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HARD HITTING - Scores are settled in backstage brawls

For instance, hell-in-a-cell and steel cage match types do not grant access to backstage areas.

When in an applicable match type, you'll need to head to the top of the entrance ramp. From there, you can use LB/L1 to access the backstage area.

More often than not, you will be prompted.

From there, you can brawl in the backstage areas and, if you wish, also head back to the ring.

Note, not many matches will end in the backstage brawl area. Unless you're selecting falls count anywhere or the backstage brawl match type itself.

WWE 2K23 Control Guide

There were some major changes to the control system when the franchise returned last year, and we have seen that continue with WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Reigns McIntyre
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TOE TO TOE - Take to the ring with your favourite superstars

If you are used to FIFA or Madden where there are only a handful of basic controls then you are in for a surprise. There is a huge amount to get your head around when it comes to the WWE 2K23 controls, from simple strikes and grapple moves to finishers, ladder matches, and Royal Rumbles there is a lot to do.

Click here to read our full controls guide for WWE 2K23.

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