AEW Fight Forever Weapons: Full list & how to use

AEW Fight Forever weapons

AEW Fight Forever weapons

AEW Fight Forever has arrived and one thing's for sure, this game offers many weird and wonderful ways to put your opponent out for the count.

Weapons are a key part of any wrestling game and AEW brings the smoke when it comes to this criteria.

From steel chairs to fire extinguishers, there are a plethora of weapons available to you in this game.

For full details on what you can use, and how you use them, check below.

AEW Fight Forever Weapons

As you can imagine, the weird and wonderful world of AEW is perfectly translated into AEW Fight Forever, which means that many different weapons feature in this game.

From a basic table to the hardcore thumbtack, the wide range of weaponry available in AEW Fight Forever will lead to you creating many memorable moments, as you look to create spots you'll never forget.

aew fight forever weapons
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MAKE IT EXTREME - A host of weapons can be used in AEW Fight Forever

Below, we've listed every weapon we've discovered so far, but there could be even more out there!

All AEW Fight Forever weapons:

  • Steel Chair
  • Thumbtacks
  • Ladder
  • Table
  • Steel steps
  • Kendo stick
  • Guitar
  • Trash can
  • Barbed wire baseball bat
  • Shovel
  • Frying pan
  • Tennis racket
  • Baseball bat
  • Sledgehammer
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Gas canister
  • Caution sign
  • Skateboard (Darby Allin)
  • Golf club
  • American football helmet
  • Tyre
  • Hockey stick

As stated above, there could be even more weapons hidden in the game, and you'll just have to head into a lights-out match in order to discover them for yourself!

How to use Weapons

The first thing you need to do when looking to use weapons in AEW Fight Forever is to ensure you're in the right match type.

Using a weapon in a standard 1-on-1 bout will result in a DQ and immediate loss.

AEW Fight Forever Chris Jericho
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ELITE VIOLENCE - Certain stars have weapons tailored to their character

Instead, make sure you've selected a Lights Out match in the menu options.

From there, you can pick up, search for and use weapons from anywhere in the arena.

Here's how you can utilise each weapon in the game:

  • Pick Up Weapon - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox)
  • Main Attack - Square (PS5) / X (Xbox)
  • Secondary Attack - Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox)
  • Set up Table or Ladder - R2 (PS5) / RT (Xbox)
  • Climb Ladder - L2 (PS5) / LT (Xbox)
  • Push Ladder Over - Left Stick in any direction and R2 (PS5) / Left Stick in any direction and RT (Xbox)
  • Ignite Table - Right Stick (PS5 and Xbox)

Weapons can be found under the ring or over the barricade, so make sure you're pressing R2/RT near these areas in order to bring a new weapon into play.

AEW Fight Forever Training
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HONE YOUR CRAFT - You should be taking advantage of the training mode

AEW Fight Forever has a host of weapons to discover and all of them can be used to earn yourself the three count.

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