AEW Fight Forever: Major improvements promised

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever is out now, with the game finally releasing after months and years of uncertainty.

The hype around the game was astronomical, but certain elements left a lot to be desired.

In our own review, we noted how the arcade-like gameplay was a massive limitation to the release and we aren't the only ones with that thought.

Following a disappointing start, AEW and THQ Nordic have promised that major changes are coming.

AEW Fight Forever Statement

AEW Fight Forever's start to life was not how anyone envisaged it, with the game releasing to a mixed reaction, to say the least.

Its throwback style quickly became a novelty and paled massively in comparison to the polished WWE 2K23.

AEW Fight Forever
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FALLING FLAT - AEW Fight Forever received many negative reviews

Now, AEW and THQ Nordic have released a statement promising change, following the game's one-month anniversary.

The statement was Tweeted out and read as follows:

AEW: Fight Forever celebrated its one-month launch anniversary last Saturday! On behalf of the teams at @AEW and @THQNordic, we wanted to extend a THANK YOU FOR PLAYING to our passionate community. Your FUN is our TOP priority and we're listening to all of the feedback you've provided!
The dev team at YUKE's Co. Ltd. is working tirelessly to continuously improve the Fight Forever experience with future updates and new content releases. Stay tuned to @AEWGames for all OFFICIAL announcements regarding updates and content in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

Hopeful Signs

One thing's for sure, it's a massive positive that AEW and THQ Nordic are communicating in such a transparent way.

AEW Fight Forever Sting
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NEW MODE - Stadium Stampede is coming to AEW Fight Forever

The developers will be aware that the game didn't land as they wanted it to and are sure to attempt to make the changes needed to bring the game to the next level.

What will that involve? Well, we already know that a new Battle Royale mode, Stadium Stampede, is coming in a future update, with this addition promising to bring plenty of excitement to the world of wrestling games.

DLC packs have also been confirmed, but will this be enough to save the legacy of AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Fight Forever
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FUTURE STAR - AEW Fight Forever could yet shine

Unfortunately, given the limitations that exist within AEW Fight Forever, we're dubious as to whether any future updates can have the necessary impact.

That being said, we're excited to see what the future holds for this game and franchise in general, as AEW Fight Forever looks to kick out at two and a half and fight back for supremacy.

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