AEW Fight Forever: Kenny Omega responds to fan BACKLASH

AEW Fight Forever has finally launched following years of confusion and controversy.

The game, developed by THQ Nordic, offers something completely unique on the market and deserves to be praised for its bold gameplay choices.

However, not everyone has proven themselves to be a fan of the game, with some suggesting it pails in comparison to the likes of WWE 2K23.

Now, an AEW megastar has weighed in on the debate, offering their thoughts following fan criticism.

AEW Fight Forever Feedback

A game like AEW Fight Forever is always going to split the crowd, with many of the arcade-like features feeling exciting to some, but dated to others.

In our review, we praised the bravery of the game but ultimately concluded it wasn't going to leave much of a legacy.

That will stand to the test of time, but it appears we aren't the only ones feeling a little hollow following our experiences with the game.

In fact, many other critics and general players have been commenting on the game's lack of balance.

AEW Fight Forever
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NEW ERA - AEW Fight Forever received mixed critical reviews

Of course, there are many people that are loving AEW Fight Forever and its throwback style of gameplay but it always seems to be the way that criticism shouts louder than praise.

In this case, the criticism waged at the game has come across social media, with some fans voicing their general disappointment.

Many see the game as an AEW vs WWE extension, with fans criticising or praising blindly depending on their allegiances.

However, fair criticism has also been offered and one such AEW megastar has weighed in on the debate following a Tweet that suggested the game needed "a lot of work"

Kenny Omega Responds

AEW Fight Forever was something of a child for Kenny Omega with the iconic wrestling star sitting as a true ambassador for the game.

Omega has a rich history as somewhat of a gaming nerd, despite the fact that he could also tie your limbs in a knot with so much as a whistle.

AEW Fight forever kenny omega
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OPEN FORUM - Kenny Omega is encouraging fan feedback
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A passionate gamer, Omega responded to the Tweet by saying:

There will be continued support for the game so all this feedback and suggestions are great. Thank you!

Clearly hoping to see AEW Fight Forever realise its full potential, Omega has promised that user feedback will be reacted to, a positive sign for the future of the game.

One of the main positives for AEW Fight Forever is that someone like Kenny Omega is sitting behind it as an ambassador.

An open and public-facing wrestler, Omega is certain to help drive the game forward and help AEW Fight Forever truly cement itself as a challenger in the wrestling gaming scene.

Future of the Game

Despite some negative feedback upon the initial launch, AEW Fight Forever still shows plenty of promise.

With a rumoured battle royale mode, Stadium Stampede, coming to the game, the potential for AEW Fight Forever is massive.

AEW Fight Forever kenny omega stadium stampede
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CHANGING THE FIELD - A brand new mode could be coming soon to AEW Fight Forever

As Omega stated in his Tweet, encouraging fixes and rebalances will go a long way to fixing some of the gameplay issues.

AEW Fight Forever has a passionate team behind it and that will go a long way in helping this game realise its full potential.

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