AEW Fight Forever: How to perform top-rope moves

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever has arrived, with this highly anticipated game proving a hit with the players.

With plenty of new features to get to grips with, we want to help you master the AEW Fight Forever controls and become a wrestling master.

Performing top rope moves is key in any wrestling game and in AEW Fight Forever, these moves can be incredibly effective.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how you can take to the skies and perform top rope moves in AEW Fight Forever.

How to perform top rope moves in AEW Fight Forever

Taking to the skies is the highlight of any good wrestling match with AEW in particular boasting some of the best high-flyers in the business.

AEW Fight Forever moves
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TAKE TO THE SKIES - Top rope moves are key in AEW Fight Forever

With that in mind, using top-rope moves in AEW Fight Forever is a must, with a variety of attacks certain to help you when it comes to taking down your opponent.

Taking to the skies in this game is super easy, all you have to do is the following:

  • Top Rope Diving - L2 in the corner to climb turnbuckle, then X or Square or Circle (PS5) / LT in the corner to climb turnbuckle, then X or A or B (Xbox)

It's simply a case of making sure you are close enough to the corner when pressing L2/LT.

From there, the choice is yours as to which move you want to perform.

AEW Fight Forever Bryan Danielson
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LEGENDS OF THE SPORT - Bryan Danielson is a wrestling mega star

All wrestlers can climb the top rope in AEW Fight Forever and perform diving moves, with only a certain few able to perform springboard moves, another type of ariel offence.

READ - How to perform springboard moves in AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Controls Guide

AEW Fight Forever's gameplay is a true throwback to classic wrestling games and, for those who experienced those classic titles, picking up the controls for this new release shouldn't be too hard.

Having said that, there are still plenty of confusing points that need addressing.

AEW Fight Forever Page Moxley
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RING MASTER - Mastering the controls will help you on your way to the AEW World Championship

If you're a little confused as to how the controls work in AEW Fight Forever, we'd recommend heading into the training mode available in the main menu.

This training section will allow you to hone your skills and learn some of the new controls against an AI opponent that won't fight back.

For an even better experience, set this controls guide next to you whilst training in order to experience the ultimate way to boost your skills.

Click here to read our full controls guide for AEW Fight Forever.

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