Valorant: What is MMR and Why is it Important?

Valorant Ranks

Valorant Ranks

Valorant has a very specific tool to make sure that matchmaking is fair and makes sense. There are certain things that a Valorant player can do in order to improve their MMR and RR.

Rank Rating points are a huge insight into your MMR or RR and can be used to see where you are placing. The whole process is very complex so that's why we're looking through it together.

So, let's look at MMR and RR in Valorant, why people struggle with them and why it is so important.

What is MMR and what is RR in Valorant?

MMR stand for a matchmaking ranking system. The whole system is divided into two, encounters and wins or losses.

Encounter is how a player interacts with other players and how they emerge from the other side.

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Wins/losses are pretty self-explanatory, they're the number of wins and losses a player has on their account.

Both are taken into account and measured to recognise which players are good to play against for that player. This way, lobbies contain players of similar skill levels, making the playing field levelled. Additionally, RR is the number of points which are given to players after they win competitive games.

Why is MMR important?

MMR is key to making sure that players are in even matches. Having someone in Iron placed against somebody in Diamond will be a big struggle as the diamond has more experience. It avoids one-sided matches and gives players a fair chance to rank up.

However, when it comes to five stacking, MMR is not as effective. If the difference between players' ranks is huge, it's hard to find an even match. So, higher-ranking players will end up playing against lower ranks, and vice versa.

That's why five stacking has an RR penalty for players who are ranked outside of a normal party restriction.

How to improve your Valorant MMR

MMR in most games is like a void filled with unanswered questions. However, there have been some answers from Riot Games officials about how the system works.

Valorant's MMR works by taking your consistency with your plays into account. If you start to perform well in your games, then your MMR will increase, meaning you're put against tougher enemies.

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However, if your performance stays the same, then your MMR will decrease so you have the opportunity to play better. Win-streaking and winning against higher-ranked players is the best way to level up your MMR.

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