Valorant Team Deathmatch Confirmed - Riot announce new game modes

Valorant has a new dev diary that revealed some exciting developments for game modes in the game.

As a game which has not had too much variation with its game modes, this is something to look forward to.

Swiftplay which was recently added as a shorter version of the longer playstyle of Valorant.

So, this long-haul team deathmatch mode will really help players to have some variety in their gameplay and choices.

There weren't too many specifics with the new anticipated game mode, but speculation within the community is popping up everywhere.

So, let's look at the announcement about the Team Deathmatch game mode in Valorant and what players should expect.

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Valorant Team Deathmatch Announcement

The dev diaries released yesterday had a special announcement at the end of their video.

Ho stated that...

"There will also be new modes to give you more ways to play, such as Swift Play as well as another new mode that we are planning to launch later this year"

With little specifics gone into about the new team deathmatch and other game modes, there isn't too much to go off of.

Other game modes that have been included in Valorant in the past include...

  • Spike Rush
  • Replication

Any future updates about the new game modes will be updated in this article. So, keep your eyes peeled for any future content.

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What Other Announcements were in the Dev Diary?

More in-game content was included in the video alongside a new Valorant Premier mode.

There was also the addition of the game coming to consoles which is great for the Riot community.

With future plans on how to combat toxicity and harassment, the future of Valorant is looking very bright.

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