Valorant Sunset Map: Best agents and team comps

A screenshot from the "YOU. ARE. HERE. // Episode 7: Act II Kickoff - VALORANT" YouTube video
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot from the "YOU. ARE. HERE. // Episode 7: Act II Kickoff - VALORANT" YouTube video
Credit: Riot Games

The newest Valorant Map, Sunset, is inspired by the iconic city of Los Angeles, which also served as the host for this year’s Valorant Champions and is the home base of the fan-favourite agent, Gekko.

Offering a glimpse of California, Sunset boasts an everlasting golden hour, food trucks, art deco architecture, a flea market, and the bustling backdrop of LA traffic in the distance. Notably, Sunset is a traditional three-lane two-site map with no new gimmicks, a breath of fresh air after the Karnataka-inspired Lotus.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 is just on the horizon, and it not only brings a flashy new battle pass, a new map rotation, and substantial agent adjustments but also introduces players to a completely new map. Stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competition by utilising the insights we've gathered from early access. Below, we present the best agents and team compositions to dominate on Sunset.

Best Agents for Valorant Sunset Map

The initial impression garnered from Sunset's map layout and the opinions formed during the early access phase align, indicating a prevailing consensus that mid-control will play a large part in securing victory.

Joe Lansford, the Lead Map Designer, sheds light on the creation of Sunset: "Valorant has experimented with various versions of the three-lane map design, but we haven't pursued one with a strong emphasis on mid-control in quite some time. And that's where Sunset comes into play," explains Lansford.

Valorant Sunset minimap overview
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Credit: Riot Games

"Sunset showcases a mid-section that poses a considerable challenge to control and doesn't significantly favour either team. It's particularly suited for rifle engagement ranges and presents numerous opportunities for the team that assert dominance. We anticipate that both teams will prioritise mid-control as a central aspect of their strategy on Sunset."

As such, here are the ideal Agents for each role on Sunset.

Best Duelist on Sunset: Raze, Neon

Sunset's layout comprises compact spaces and tight corners that opponents can utilise to hold angles. Leverage these spaces to your advantage and catch your enemies off guard by deploying Raze's Boom Bot and Paint Shells. Neon's Relay Bolts work very well in these scenarios too.

Raze’s Boom Bot is also great on this map with all the walls and obstacles that it can ricochet from, efficiently clearing large sections of the map.

Furthermore, given that mid-control is of paramount importance on Sunset, and considering the abundance of narrow alleyways, you can use Neon's wall, Fast Lane, to sow chaos that works to your team's benefit.

Best Initiator on Sunset: Skye, Sova, Breach

A screenshot from SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT
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Credit: Riot Games

Once again, the numerous corners and narrow spaces in Sunset create an environment where Initiators can truly shine. Agents like Skye, Breach, or Sova would be excellent choices.

For instance, Breach’s Fault Line can cover an entire lane and severely disrupt the enemy’s advancement, such as in either entrance of A main. His Aftershock also blocks off narrow chokepoints effectively.

Despite an impending nerf, Skye will continue to excel on Sunset due to the map's relatively compact spaces. Sova, on the other hand, can effectively clear close corners using his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt.

Best Sentinel on Sunset: Cypher, Killjoy

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A screenshot from the "CHECKMATE // Cypher’s Revenge Game Mode Trailer" YouTube video.
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Credit: Riot Games

Sunset's comparatively compact bomb sites and their narrow chokepoints and entrances provide an ideal setting for Cypher players to excel. You can hold these confined spaces effectively using Cypher’s Spycams and Tripwires.

Additionally, due to the map's small rotation space between A and B sites, Killjoy's Turret and Cypher's Trip Wires become invaluable tools for acquiring information, particularly with the prevalent possibility of flanks in Sunset.

Best Controller on Sunset: Viper, Harbor

Sunset's narrow corners and corridors create a prime setting for maximising the effectiveness of Viper's Snake Bites and Poison Orb. Furthermore, Viper's Pit effectively blankets the entirety of bomb sites, greatly facilitating retakes and site holds.

Considering the vital importance of mid-control in Sunset, you'll find significant use in Viper’s Toxic Screen. This principle also applies to Harbor's High-Tide ability.

Best Team comp for Valorant Sunset Map

Given Sunset’s rather compact spaces and numerous close corners, we believe that the most optimal team comp for Sunset is: Raze, Cypher, Skye, Sova, and Viper.

A screenshot from the SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT
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Credit: Riot Games

That covers all the essential information about the best agents and team comps for Valorant's latest addition to its map pool: Sunset! We'll be monitoring how the meta unfolds and consistently updating this guide throughout the upcoming acts.

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