Valorant Raze Guide in 2023: Abilities, Playstyle, and More

Valorant Raze

Valorant Raze

There are many duelists in Valorant, but Raze is one of a kind. The Brazilian agent is one of the most explosive characters in Valorant. However, mastering Raze is harder than it looks.

Raze's playstyle is a little tricky, especially for players that are new to Valorant. Even though her abilities might seem simplistic, some mechanics will take time to get used to. There is also a certain finesse that comes with playing Raze.

But don't worry about that, because we've got you covered. In this article, we will tell you how you can become a Raze master.

So, let's get right into it.

What is Raze like?

Raze is one of the most chaotic agents in Valorant. Riot Games designed her with a joyful and cutesy outlook on life. This, paired with her love for damage is what makes her such an interesting character.

Raze is Brazillian and has a feisty nature about her. Additionally, she can be a little impatient but always goes with the flow.

Raze from Valorant
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She has the ability to accelerate the pace of the game and create a lot of chaos and confusion in the opponent's minds. Her kit also allows her to pick from some unorthodox angles.


Raze's abilities are focused on high damage output. She is the perfect model for duelists in Valorant. Additionally, her abilities include...

Blast Pack

Raze throws an explosive charge in an arc in front of her that sticks to any surface. Pressing the ability button again detonates that Blast Pack, damaging any enemies in the explosion’s radius.

Paint Shells

Raze equips a cluster grenade that she can aim and throw at places. After a few seconds, the grenade explodes, dealing damage and creating sub-grenades that spread around the explosion area. These sub-grenades then explode, with each grenade dealing damage.

Raze Boom Bot
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Boom Bot

Raze equips one of her signature Boom Bots that she can then deploy. The Boom Bot travels in a straight line while bouncing off of walls. When it senses an enemy in its frontal cone, the Boom Bot will lock on to them and explode. The explosion deals heavy damage to all enemies in the vicinity if it reaches them.


Raze equips a rocket launcher that fires a single, devastating rocket. The rocket deals massive damage on a wide radius the moment that it comes into contact with anything, terrain, or enemy. Once Raze fires the rocket, she’s knocked back due to the force of the blast.

Raze playstyle

As can be seen, Raze has a great damage output. Because of this, it's common for her to be played extremely aggressively, running headfirst into a fight. This is common for duelist players though.

Using her Blast Packs, Raze will propel to the bombsite, in a very fast way. It creates a lot of space for her team, making it easy to take site control. While on the air, it's also very hard for opponents to kill Raze.

Raze from Valorant
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Boom Bot and Paint Shells can be used to clear areas of the map, especially angles that are very hard to clear. They will either force the enemies out of that area or trap them there, making them easy prey.

Showstopper is also very good to take control of areas. When enemies hear the sound of Raze's ultimate ability being used, they need to respect it and fall back.

Her abilities focus on keeping the pace high. So, make sure you remember that when you are playing with or against a Raze.

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