Valorant Oni Skin Bundle - weapons, skins, price, and more

Valorant LOCK//IN brought more than just some great esports content with the announcement of the new Oni bundle.

Popularity for this bundle has been pretty popular for about five or so years in the Valorant community.

And finally, the long wait has ended as the community is finally getting the Oni bundle they deserved.

The melee weapon brings a new beauty to the bundle with the new katana Oni knife skin revealed.

So, here are the weapons, skins, and pricing of the new Valorant Oni bundle and what players should expect to see.

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Valorant Oni 2.0 Bundle Weapons

Riot Games revealed the weapons included in the new bundle with an image of the skins and what they look like.

Following an oriental design, the royal colours of green, gold, and red are all used to make a royal reception.

A short video posted on the official Valorant Twitter account revealed some cinematic goodness about how the skins were created.

The weapons and accessories included in this bundle are...

  • Onimaru Kunitsuna (Oni Katana melee)
  • Oni Vandal
  • Oni Bulldog
  • Oni Ares
  • Oni Frenzy
  • Oni Card
  • Oni Spray
  • Oni Gun Buddy

Oni Bundle Release Date

This new bundle in the game is expected to release on March 7 2023 which is also the release of the next act.

Upgrades and Variations

Weapons included in this bundle can be upgraded with their own custom firing audio and a muzzle flash for the second level.

Valorant Oni bundle
expand image

Level three will bring custom VFX and audio effects and level four will have a finisher and kill banner too.

All of the Oni weapons will also have three different colour variants which look like this...

  • gold/black
  • pink/mint
  • blue/white

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