Valorant Night Market Leaks - episode 6 act 2 release dates

Valorant Night Market image

Valorant Night Market image

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Valorant's Night Market has now had its next release date leaked by a prolific data miner.

This leak comes from Mike at @ValorLeaks who often have high accuracy with the Valorant news he brings out.

So, fingers are crossed that the next Valorant Night Market brings all players the skin lines that they want.

However, it is worth mentioning that although Mike has high accuracy, these are also just leaks and are not officially confirmed by Riot Games.

But, as the Night Market usually returns every 2 months, it does fit in nicely with the usual schedule of its return.

So, let's look at this leak of information about the next Valorant Night Market and when this will be put into the live game.

What is the Valorant Night Market?

The Night Market is the place to be for cheaper deals on cosmetics for Valorant. Flash deals are in the market which keeps prices way down low.

Valorant weapon skins
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Additionally, to the lower prices of cosmetic goods, the market also brings back old skin lines which aren't able to be purchased anymore.

This is why Valorant players get so excited about the event. The opportunity to purchase older skin lines is great for those who have missed out.

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Leaks came directly from Mike at @ValorLeaks as is usual for most Valorant leaks.

In the leak, he discussed the expected return date for this with an image which has stirred the Valorant community.

So, we should expect the Night Market to return on April 5, 2023, and end on April 25 2023.

This fits perfectly with the usual cadence of the event too, so hopes are definitely high for this one.

However, the image shared with the leak shows an array of arcade machines in the background.

This has sparked interest int he community as they speculate about what this change to the usual graphic could actually mean.

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