Valorant Mobile to Begin Internal Testing - leaks, details, and more

Valorant Mobile graphic

Valorant Mobile graphic

Valorant is the Riot Games classic which has come in leaps and strides since its popularity as an esport.

This popularity has led the community to ask about a mobile version of the popular game.

Riot Games have been pretty silent on the development process of the game.

However, there have been some recent developments about this with leaks from Twitter sources.

A couple of months ago, there was some official information about job listings to work on developing the game.

But, these recent leaks have secured the game as being in its testing stage.

This may mean we see a release announcement coming up soon!

So, let's look at how Valorant on mobile is progressing and what these leaks about this mobile version have said.

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Valorant Mobile Leaks

A prolific data miner @Sarge_OP on Twitter released some leaks that revealed new information about the game.

He stated that the Valorant game will begin internal testing this week.

This may mean that the game is in its final stages and is ready for testing which is great.

There will also reportedly be a gyroscope feature, perhaps to help agents aim.

The open beta is also expected to be announced soon for the global launch which is exciting for the community.

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When will the Game Come to Mobile?

So far, there has not yet been any official information about when the mobile version will be available globally.

But, if these leaks are to be believed, then we should expect an announcement soon.

Valorant in mobile
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This article will be updated with any further developments about the mobile version of the game.

So, keep your eyes peeled for any more information that is revealed by Riot.

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