Valorant New Agent Iso Abilities Revealed & Explained

A screenshot from the Valorant Iso agent reveal trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot from the Valorant Iso agent reveal trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

In the wake of the agent reveal trailer, Valorant players are in for a treat as the abilities of the game's newest agent, Iso, have been leaked in full. At first glance, Iso is poised to shake up the meta with a kit brimming with innovative gimmicks that bring something fresh to the table.

Recently, ISO's player card was leaked, and the Valorant community is already enamoured with his character design. The leak showcases a relaxed pose in baggy clothes and a youngish face with short, black hair. In the recent trailer, it was revealed that Iso is a Chinese gun-for-hire so shrouded in mystery that he borders on being a myth. He is greatly feared by many, and his abilities reflect his deadly reputation.

Valorant players can anticipate Iso to be launched towards the end of the year, in Episode 7 Act 3. If you’re eager to hit the ground running once he’s released, here’s everything you need to know about Iso’s abilities!

Valorant Iso abilities revealed

Iso's full kit was leaked by the credible Valorant data miner, ValorLeaks, on Twitter (X). Here is a rundown of all Iso’s abilities in Valorant:

Double Tap (E)

  • 1 base charge, 2 max

A shield that will block one instance of damage from any source (even Raze's ult!). To activate this shield you will have to start a focus timer and kill or get an assist before the timer ends. A purple orb will appear above where the enemy was standing, and shooting it will grant you the shield.

Undercut (Q)

  • 2 charges max

Throw a bolt that can pass through walls and other solid objects to catch enemies behind obstacles. When the bolt touches an enemy, it applies a FRAGILE status to them.

Contingency (C)

  • 1 charge max

Generate and send an indestructible wall of energy in a straight line, completely blocking both sight and bullets

Kill Contract (X)

  • 7 ultimate points

Iso's very own Domain Expansion. Unleash an ability in a column that pulls you and the first enemy it hits into a 1v1 interdimensional duel arena. This domain will deactivate once a player dies, or it will kill both players after 15 seconds.

A screenshot of Iso's Ultimate ability Kill Contract from ValorLeaks.
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Credit: ValorLeaks

Valorant game designer Nicholas Smith has shared that he wanted Iso to be different and have his own identity separate from other Duelist agents. His vision of Iso is of a Duelist “Juggernaut”.

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“The goal [for Iso] was to create an exciting duelist that emphasised gunplay and excitement,” said Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith. “We had a few outputs we wanted to avoid, specifically mobility and healing. Since we weren’t doing Mobility or Healing, I wanted Iso to feel distinct and what I'd call a Juggernaut. It’s why we created the shield, and that he’d run a team through and keep on going without mobility or healing.”

Iso’s kit is undeniably one of the most unique in the game. His abilities offer a myriad of possibilities for creative and strategic gameplay, and players are excited to see how Iso will fare in Valorant!

A screenshot of Valorant Iso agent reveal trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

When is Valorant Iso coming out?

During the Valorant "What's Next in 2023 // Dev Diaries" dev update video, it was revealed that three new agents will join the game's roster by the end of 2023. Gekko debuted in Episode 6 Act 2, and Deadlock joined in Episode 7 Act 1. Based on this trend of releasing two acts between each new agent, we can anticipate Iso to debut in Episode 7 Act 3.

Episode 7 Act 3 is expected to launch on 31 October or 1 November 2023.

An image of "ISO" from his agent reveal trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

The anticipation surrounding the introduction of Iso is palpable within the community, and the carefully placed easter eggs and subsequent reveals have ignited a fervour of speculation about his potential impact on the game's meta!

Interested in learning everything we know about Iso? We've got you covered. Check out our comprehensive Iso guide here.

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