Valorant: How to Fix 'Queue is Disabled' Error

Valorant Queue is Disabled Error

Valorant Queue is Disabled Error

Valorant has an array of error codes which show players what is wrong with their game. However, sometimes these codes don't appear and a simple message is shown.

This is what has been happening with the error that states 'Queue is disabled' in Valorant. Players have gotten increasingly impatient as the client has this issue. It is stopping users from entering the matchmaking queue and instead states that the queue is disabled. However, there are ways that this can be repaired.

So, let's take a look at the issue and how it can easily be fixed.

What is the error?

The error shows when a player attempts to join a queue for matchmaking. Instead of the usual 'In queue' message, it now shows 'Queue is disabled'. It also claims that party members aren't ready, even if you're on a solo mission.

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This error has caused anger in the community as people are not able to enter a game. Furthermore, it's not the first error that prevents users from playing Valorant, since error 19 also does that. However, there are ways to make the error go away.

How to fix the issue

The old faithful is once again true here. Turning the client off and on again seems to cure it for most players. Restarting the client should fix the error and let players get back into the field.

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However, sometimes this is not the case and players may have to restart their whole PC. Having an SSD is particularly useful so not much time is wasted just waiting. The error may return later on too, so restarting the client or computer again is the best bet.

Reinstalling the Riot Client is something players should try if the error continues to reappear frequently. Riot Games have not yet addressed the error, but if it persists, then I'm sure that a patch will be released.

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