Who was the First Valorant Agent?

Valorant has come a long way since its release back in 2020 and so has the many agents also released in the game.

In 2023, there are nearly 22 agents that have been released in the three years that the game has been live.

With such a variety of agents to choose from, it's important to look back at the game's history once in a while.

The first-ever agent in the game to be created started the game with a fiery bang and has really been popular ever since.

As the first to get a proper introduction, his reveal video is definitely one to watch a reminisce over.

So, let's look into who the first-ever Valorant agent was and how they shaped the game for the better.

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Who was the First Valorant Agent to be Created?

The first Valorant agent to be created and revealed is Phoenix, the fire-wielding British character who uses fire to his advantage.

His first sighting was revealed in a gameplay trailer which showcased his abilities in the game.

With firewalls, a heat-tracking fireball and plenty of fiery rages, he really heated up the battlefield of the game.

He was released on June 2 2020 along with the main game and some other playable agents too.

These include Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Cypher, Sova, Sage, Phoenix, Raze, Jett, and Breach.

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Full List of Agents in Order

As Phoenix was one of the first agents to be designed in the game, there have been many released after him.

So, here is the full list of Valorant agents and the order they were released.

  • 10 Release Agents - Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Cypher, Sova, Sage, Phoenix, Raze, Jett, and Breach.
  • 11 - Reyna
  • 12 - Killjoy
  • 13 - Skye
  • 14 - Yoru
  • 15 - Astra
  • 16 - KAY/O
  • 17 - Chamber
  • 18 - Neon
  • 19 - Fade
  • 20 - Harbor
  • 21 - ???

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