Valorant: Everything about the new Progression System

Valorant Progression System

Valorant Progression System

Valorant has a lot of new features and content coming to the game in the near future.

Most of these features will arrive in Episode 7. Among them, we have a new game mode called Team Deathmatch, and also the highly anticipated new Progression System.

This new Progression System is something fans have been waiting for a while. It will give players new ways of unlocking agents, agent gear, and accessories. Furthermore, it expands the rewards system, allowing players the opportunity of earning plenty of more free rewards.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the new Valorant Progression System.

Everything about the new Progression System

As mentioned above, the new Progression System goes live at the same time Episode 7 launches.

With it, a new currency will be introduced to Valorant. That currency it's called Kingdom Credits, and is something players can earn by playing games. Kingdom Credits will cap out at 10 000, so players should make sure they are spending them often.

This currency is the central point of the new Valorant Progression System. It's with Kingdom Credits that players will be able to unlock new agents.

Valorant Cccessories Store
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Here is the new accessories store.

Kingdom Credits also allow players to acquire accessories from past Battlepasses. These accessories include Playercards, Gunbuddies, and Sprays.

The items from past Battlepasses can be acquired in the accessories store. This store will rotate weekly and will be unique for each player. Weapon skins from previous Battlepasses won't' be available in the store.

It's worth noting that, players will continue to earn XP after every single match. This XP will help them progress through the Battlepass.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions received a huge rework. Diamonds will be introduced as a new mission system. There will be a total of four diamonds, and each one will have four checkpoints.

Valorant Daily Missions
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By completing checkpoints, players will earn XP and credits. These changes make the daily missions much more relevant. It also allows players to earn some great prizes.

New Agent Recruitment Event

The new Progression System also brings a new way of acquiring agents. Until now, you would recruit agents by activating their contract and reaching level 5 on it. You could also buy agents by using VP.

However, from now on, new agents will be unlocked by completing an agent recruitment event. This event is completely free and will happen once a new agent is released.

By playing matches and completing missions, players will be able to unlock the new agent.

Valorant Agent Recruitment event
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This is how the new agent recruitment page looks like.

However, even when the event ends, there is a way to acquire the agent for free. You just need to collect 8000 Kingdom Credits and use them to unlock the agent you want.

There is also the more straightforward option of just paying 1000 Valorant Points to acquire the agent.

When it comes to the agents' gear, it can still be unlocked by just grinding the game. However, players can spend another 8000 Kingdom Credits to unlock the gear, instead of normally levelling up the agent contract.

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