Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 Release Date & What to Expect

A screenshot from the Valorant Abyss trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot from the Valorant Abyss trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

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Hot on the heels of the console beta and the launch of Abyss, Valorant's first map with no boundaries, Episode 9 Act 1 is poised to deliver another wave of meta-shifting changes and updates to Riot's tactical shooter.

The latter half of Episode 8 brought a slew of changes, including sweeping balance changes to the Controller and Duelist classes, as well as a brand-new map. Now, Episode 9 promises to deliver even more exciting content, along with the usual battle pass refresh, new skin lines, and more!

Episode 9 Act 1 Release Date and Time

Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 is set to be released on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Typically, just before a new update becomes available for download, servers go down for a four-hour maintenance period to allow Valorant's developers to implement the changes. Once maintenance is complete, you can download Patch 9.0 and dive right in!

Valorant Gekko from the Valorant Console Announce gameplay trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

Here's a breakdown of when you can jump into Episode 9 Act 1 based on your region:

Region and time zone
Episode 9 Act 1 release date
Episode 9 Act 1 launch time
North America (PDT)
June 25
2pm - 4pm
Brazil (BRT)
June 25
7pm - 9pm
Europe (GMT)
June 25
10pm - 12am GMT
Asia Pacific (IST)
June 26
3am - 5 am
Korea (KST)
June 26
8 am - 10 am

Abyss Joins the Competitive Map Pool

Episode 9 Act 1 brings the newest map, Abyss, to the competitive map pool. This unique map features treacherous death drops, thrilling vertical gameplay, and off-map ledges that pave the way for surprise flanks and high-risk high-reward maneuvers. One wrong step, and you might find yourself plummeting to your demise!

Valorant Abyss key art.
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Credit: Riot Games

Get a feel for Abyss' layout and sharpen your parkour skills in casual modes like Unrated, Swift Play, Spike Rush, and Escalation before Abyss makes its debut in competitive alongside Ascent, Bind, Icebox, Lotus, Haven, and Sunset. Split, Breeze, Pearl, and Fracture will rotate out, assuming that no map rotation changes are made.

What to Expect from Episode 9

As with previous Episode launches, players can look forward to a brand-new battle pass, a staple for every new act. This includes affordable new player cards, gun buddies, stickers, and more. Drawing from recent battle passes, prepare for some meme-worthy cosmetics to add to your collection! Players can also expect a new exclusive-tier skin line, like the sleek Kuronami bundle that kicked off Episode 8 Act 1.

Given that Abyss was recently introduced to the map pool, we are not expecting major content drops like a new map or agent in 9.0. However, the devs will likely introduce balance changes to keep things fresh. Agents like Iso and Reyna should see adjustments to address their recent power boosts, and underperforming agents might receive some buffs to even the playing field.

Valorant new agent teaser in the Abyss official map trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

In the Abyss reveal trailer, eagle-eyed fans spotted a mysterious figure with clawed hands. While this likely won't be a playable character in Act 1, it could hint at a future agent arriving later in Episode 9. Last year, during VALORANT Champions 2023, Gekko was released, and this year, Clove was introduced during VCT Masters Madrid. The next agent in Valorant could be released during Valorant Champions 2024 in Seoul, in August 2024.

That was everything we know about Valorant's Episode 9 Act 1. We'll update this article when more information is released, so stay tuned!

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