Valorant Episode 5 Act 3: Skinlines, Iridian Thorn, Starlit Odyssey, and Rune Stone

Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 is bringing some new cosmetic rewards through the battle pass.

These include three new skin lines which have been added to Valorant.

They are titled Iridian Thorn, Rune Stone, and Starlit Odyssey and each has very different looks.

With players grinding to get these sparkly new skins, are they worth it?

Let's take a look at the new skin lines in episode 5 act 3 of Valorant.

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Iridian Thorn skin line

The new battle pass brings a new skin line titled Iridian Thorn.

Iridian Thorn Operator in Valorant
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Laura Baltzer stated that the design of this line is a

"fusion of ancient technology and the natural mystery of a rare flower."

Iridian Thorn will be available on the Bucky, Judge, Operator, Sheriff and a new melee weapon.

Rune Stone Valorant skins

The next bundle of skins is Rune Stone which takes inspiration from the natural history of the earth with runic symbols.

Rune Stone bulldog skin in Valorant
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This Valorant skinline draws perfectly from the adventure and curiosity of the new agent, Harbour.

Additionally, it perfectly gives off the tomb raider vibes which captures his personality so well.

Rune Stone is available for the Bulldog, Marshall, and Shorty in Valorant.

Starlit Odyssey skins

Starlit Odyssey is not an unreleased Bowie track, but the new skin set included in the episode 5 act 3 Valroant battle pass.

Laura Baltzer also spoke of this line and the inspiration it took from old voyagers.

Starlit Odyssey Ghost skin
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"This skinline takes cues from the tradition of adventurers using the stars to navigate their way to their destination."

These starry-eyed Valorant skins will be available for the Ghost, Guardian, Spectre, and Vandal too.

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