Valorant Abyssal Bundle - Release date, skins, prices, and more

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Valorant newest bundle is the Abyssal bundle and new official information has been released for its release.

The official Twitter account showed the brand-new skins which are included in the Abyssal bundle.

However, there isn't too much official information released besides the images for each of these skins.

But, we can speculate the price of these skins as Valorant does have a formula for each skin type.

So, let's take a look at the Abyssal bundle in Valorant and everything we know about it including its release date, price, skins, and more.

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Valorant Abyssal Release Date

The Abyssal bundle arrived in the Valorant store yesterday, November 30 2022.

Surprisingly, the leaks on this bundle were minimal but the skin entered the store at 5 pm ET.

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Valorant Abyssal Bundle Skins

The Abyssal bundle covers some pretty great weapons in the store.

Some fan favourites such as the Phantom are included.

So, here are the weapons included in the Abyssal bundle of skins...

  • Abyssal Phantom
  • Abyssal Guardian
  • Abyssal Spectre
  • Abyssal Sheriff
  • Caeruleus

Many fans are a little disappointed with this skinline due to the similarities it has to the Neptune skinline.

However, there isn't any special animation involved in any of these Abyssal skin lines.

Abyssal Bundle Prices

Valorant's Abyssal bundle is considered to be a deluxe skin in-game.

This means that players should expect the entire bundle to cost 5,100 VP.

However, for those of us who don't want to spend a whopping 5k on the entire bundle, separate skins can be purchased.

Valorant Neptune bundle
expand image

We would expect the gun skins to cost 1275 VP whereas the melee weapon would be considerably more.

The Caeruleus will cost players 2,550 VP.

If you are somebody who likes looking for a sale, then the final Night Market has been revealed by Riot Games.

Its return will begin on December 7 2022 until January 4 2023.

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