New Valorant Map, Sunset, Officially Revealed

Valorant Sunset
Credit: Riot Games

Valorant Sunset
Credit: Riot Games

Despite leaks ruining the surprise, the new Valorant Sunset was officially revealed during the Valorant Champions grand finals.

As we've mentioned in previous articles, Sunset will end a seven-month drought in terms of new content for the main modes of Valorant aside from new Agents. Lotus was released in January and fans have been craving for new maps to explore since the reworks have not been entirely well received.

Sunset, despite being leaked early by ValorLeaks, was presented with an incredible trailer featuring many Agents. Set in Los Angeles, it features the likes of Breach, Reyna, Sova, and of course, LA-native Gekko. Take a look at the trailer down below.

Valorant Sunset - Release date

Sunset will come to Valorant with the launch of Episode 7 Act 2, which is scheduled to happen on 29 August. We know it'll be implemented into the game in both the unrated and ranked map pools since the recent map rotation takes out two maps, Fracture and Pearl.

Another map that's still outside the map pool is Icebox, with Breeze making its triumphant return alongside some meaningful changes that will hopefully make it a better player experience for both attackers and defenders.

Don't expect Sunset to be available in ranked immediately, however, as Riot Games usually leaves a two-week window with new maps making into unrated first while also having a dedicated queue so players can learn them without disrupting their ranked grind.

The big feature that many people are excited about regarding Sunset is that it has no main gimmicks, focusing solely on gunplay, teamwork, and ability usage. No rotating doors, no three-site map, all out the door in favour of a more classical tactical shooter experience.

We'll have plenty of more content around Sunset when the map is released. In the meantime, why not check out our other guides, including our most recent Valorant Agent tier list to help you choose a main.

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