New Valorant Data Portal esports system revealed

Valorant has announced a new way to look at esports data with the collaboration between Riot Games and Grid.

The new Valorant Data Portal will cover a number of regions with all of their professional matches.

Described as a "first of its kind, official home" for all of the Valorant data, this is a great step for the community.

So, as a new step into documenting professional esports games, what does it mean for us casual players?

Well, we could finally be seeing a brand-new replay system depending on the success of this new data portal.

So, let's look at what the new Valorant data portal is, and how this will affect players in the community.

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What is the Valorant Data Portal?

This new collaboration with Riot Games and Grid means that esports matches can now be analysed more thoroughly.

Matches will be stored in this portal and can help teams to identify weaknesses in their strategy.

Valorant data portal
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However, the most exciting element is the opportunity for match replays to exist.

This was only hinted at and has not yet been confirmed.

Why is This Useful?

So far, this new portal will only be rolled out to professional esports teams who have officially partnered with Riot Games.

VCT 2023 partnered teams
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It allows teams to analyse scrims, professional matches and general gameplay to ensure that they are playing at their best.

With statistics galore, this is a great way for analysts and coaches to spot weaknesses and strengths within their teams.

What About Casual Valorant Players?

Whilst this is currently only for professional teams, there is the possibility for this to be included with casual players too.

John Knauss, the competitive data programs for esports at Riot Games stated...

"The VALORANT Data Portal is the first step in our shared vision for how we make official VALORANT data more broadly available, starting with our professional teams"

So, the future is looking bright for many players in the community who have wanted match replays for years.

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