How to enable Angle Snapping in Valorant

Valorant angle snapping is a feature to help new players get used to the controls of the game. This feature helps with crosshair placement, diagonal movements, and more complex strategies.

Generally, angle snapping helps new players with their crosshair placement, improves their aim, and helps them make more meaningful shots.

And with the release of Episode 6 Act 3, and the launch of Valorant Premier - the new tournament mode - players are looking for any advantage they can get over their opponents. And so, angle snapping can prove very useful indeed.

But, there are also some disadvantages to using the feature in the game. As a new feature, even veteran players may struggle with getting used to this mechanic.

So, let's look at angle snapping in Valorant, what it means, and how to enable it in the game.

What is angle snapping in Valorant?

Valorant is Riot's first-person shooter which has some difficult mechanics to learn, especially for new players. Crosshair placement is among those mechanics. It's one of the most difficult ones to master, but it's also a very important one.

Angle snapping helps with many of these mechanics in the early stages of learning the game. The feature is specially designed to make panning the crosshair smoother as the player dips from one enemy to the next.

Angle Snapping in Valorant
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It works by cutting out random movements on the mouse and keeps the movement much smoother. Additionally, it can also work by predicting which direction the player will move their mouse and how they will move it too.

Benefits of angle snapping

Angle snapping makes your movement sharper when moving in a straight line. This helps you to maintain your crosshair at a head level and makes your aim feel much more consistent.

With angle snapping, you don't need to readjust your crosshair placement as much. Your aim also feels sharper. That can help you whiff less since you feel more confident in your aim.

However, this feature also comes with some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of angle snapping

Angle Snapping will make your aim feel less raw. This can be good for beginners, but not so much for veteran Valorant players.

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Elevation changes in maps, and the depth of field, are the two major problems with angle snapping. Since you are always aiming in a straight line, readjusting to elevation changes is not the easiest thing to do. Because of that, you will give your opponents more time to react.

It's more difficult to spray with angle snapping, so be aware of that. You also want to keep movement between your hand and aim as raw as possible. So, in the long term, Angle Snapping might not be the best for you.

Is angle snapping allowed?

Angle Snapping isn't an aimbot program, nor does it massively improve your aim. It also doesn't interfere with Valorant’s Vanguard, and some devs have said it's okay to use it.

So, don't worry about getting banned for using angle snapping, since that is not going to happen.

How to enable angle snapping

Angle Snapping is not something that can be enabled in the Valorant settings menu. However, it can be enabled on certain mouse settings found in the mouse settings or drivers.

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Unfortunately, this feature is only found on some higher-end mice which might mean that your mouse cannot access this. However, you can download the angle-snapping third-party program for free.

With this program, everyone is able to try out angle snapping. So, make sure to try it out, especially if you are new to Valorant.

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