How Does Overtime Work in Valorant Premier?



Valorant Premier is arguably the most awaited game mode in the history of Valorant. It will provide players with a new competitive experience, helping them grow and sharpen their skills.

There are many new things about Valorant Premier, but nothing stands out more than its overtime rules. They are very different from the ones used in the Valorant ranked mode, and many players are still not aware of that. But don't worry, because we've got you covered.

So, without further ado, let's check out how overtime works in Valorant Premier.

How Overtime Works in Valorant Premier

As mentioned above, Valorant Premier overtime rules are quite unique. They are different from the rules used in the casual or ranked mode, despite still having one or two things in common.

The first major difference is that the team that wins twelve rounds first, gets overtime priority. This means they will choose which side they will start the overtime on by voting. What the majority of the five players decide, will be where their team starts.

Just like in the ranked mode, teams must win by two rounds, and they swap sides each round. When two sets of overtime have been played, and there is still no winner, a final round of sudden death will be played.

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Here are all the overtime rules listed

The same side that the team with overtime priority chose to start on, during the overtime starting side choice phase, will also be the one used for sudden death.

As we can see, these overtime rules are a mix of the casual and ranked rules, with some new additions, such as the side selection priority. It will certainly make overtime more exciting, even though many players will not like the sudden death rule.

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Valorant Premier is just around the corner, and fans want to know how they can connect their phone number to their account. This is one of the requirements to enter the game mode, and some players are having difficulties with it.

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