The Best Valorant Console Beta Controller Settings

Valorant Console Beta

Valorant Console Beta

Valorant console beta has been released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and many players, especially the ones new to FPS games on consoles, want to know what are the best controller settings.

To gain an advantage over your adversaries, you need to familiarize yourself with the optimal controller settings for various roles, and we are here to assist you with that.

Best PS5 and Xbox Controller Settings for Valorant Console Beta

Valorant on consoles offers a range of presets including Traditional, Fighter, Bumper Jumper, and others. These presets are tailored to suit the specific roles you may take on, whether it be Duelists, Controllers, Sentinels, and beyond.

Valorant Console Beta
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Traditional Preset

Below, you will discover the optimal controller configurations for both the PS5 and Xbox consoles.

PS5 controller button
Xbox controller button
Focus/Sniper Scope (Hold)
Ability 1
Ability 2
Ability 3
L1 + R1
L2 + R3
Equip Melee
Comm Wheel/Ping
D-Pad Up
D-Pad Up
Drop Equipped Item
D-Pad Left
D-Pad Left
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The controllers in these two setups adhere to the Traditional preset layout, and they can be personalized to suit your preferences.

Unlike PCs, Valorant on consoles does not offer the traditional hip-firing feature, instead, it introduces a new shooting mode called 'Focus'.

The Focus mode replicates hip-fire mechanics but with lower sensitivity, and this is where the Traditional preset truly shines.

Best Alternative Controller Settings for Valorant Console Beta

Although the Traditional layout offers optimal settings for a controller, you may want to experiment with these alternative settings for the Valorant console beta if the default configuration is not suitable for you.

Bumper Shooter

The Bumper Shooter controller configuration is perfect for those who enjoy utilizing snipers in Valorant. Whether you are playing as Jett with an Operator or as an Initiator with an Outlaw during an eco round, this controller setup will cater to your style of play.


Select the Fighter controller configuration if you are a dedicated Duelist in Valorant. Utilizing the RB or R1 buttons for jumping enables seamless access to elevated platforms, while the nearby RT or R2 buttons facilitate the swift elimination of adversaries.

Valorant Splash Art
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Employing the LB or L1 buttons for crouching further aids in managing recoil for Duelists, as their role demands spontaneity and agility unlike that of other Agents.


If you prefer playing as a Controller or Sentinel, opt for the Tactician controller layout. By assigning Focus or Sniper Scope to the L1 or LB buttons, you'll have ample space to play from a distance and provide support to your team.

Unlike other layouts, the R1 or RB buttons are used to fire weapons, which is particularly useful when using snipers.

With these controller settings, you can enhance your gameplay and perform exceptionally well across all the maps available during the Valorant console beta.

We hope this article was helpful and answered all the questions you had about the Valorant for console controls.

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