Best Agents to play on Valorant Map Lotus

Lotus map in Valorant

Lotus map in Valorant

Valorant episode 6 released a bunch of new content as well as the new map titled Lotus.

Based on Indian temple architecture, the rich-looking map has some great beauty and small crevices to explore.

The map has already entered the competitive queue. So, knowing what agents give you the best chances of securing a win on this map is vital.

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So, let's look at the best agents to take on the brand-new Valorant map, Lotus, and how to play them to take those W's.


Currently, Skye is arguably the best initiator in Valorant. Her flashes are great for setting up teammates to take control of an area. She can also use them to just gain information about enemies' whereabouts.

Valorant Skye
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Skye's Trailblazer allows her to scout locations, and enemies' positions when entering a bombsite. It's also great to clear difficult angles.

The fact Skye can also heal allies is the cherry on top of the cake. With Lotus having so many "flash zones", Skye becomes an agent you must have in your composition.


Phoenix benefits a lot from this map having a lot of close corners, and "flash zones". With his flashes, Phoenix will be able to take a lot of favourable duels. He will also force the enemy team to always be on high alert when entering a bombsite or clearing an angle.

Valorant Phoenix
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The fact most ultimate orbs are in attackers' territory, makes it easy for Phoenix to get his ultimate. With his ultimate, Phoenix can force enemies out of bombsites, and also get a lot of information.


Just like the above agents, Breach flashes make him very strong on this map. They are perfect to set teammates up to take control of the bombsite or force opponents out of position in retake situations.

Valorant Breach
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Breach Ultimate is also incredibly strong in Lotus. It pretty much guarantees you an open bombsite. In retake situations, it can make the defenders' task almost impossible, or make it much easier


Killjoy is absolutely perfect for the small spaces on the brand-new Lotus map. This hasn't been unnoticed by Valorant professionals either with comments from Sean Gares, 100 Thieves former coach.

Valorant Killjoy
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He stated that...

"It’s looking like a Killjoy map"

This ties in perfectly with her recent buffs which have also placed her at the top of the sentinel list.


Despite Omen recent nerfs, he is still very viable to play on the brand-new Valorant map. His smokescreen proves perfect to be able to control one of the three sites.

Omen's paranoia is also great to clear hard angles and force enemies out of positions.

Valorant Omen
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As a smaller map, his teleport can be used to hide behind structures and get the jump on the enemy team.

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