Every Trophy for Valorant on Console!

Valorant Gekko Splash Art

Valorant Gekko Splash Art

Valorant is now available on consoles, allowing dedicated players to gather all trophies and achievements.

Whether you are part of the Valorant Console Limited Beta or are playing post-launch, rest assured that your trophy and achievement-hunting desires will be satisfied.

All Valorant Trophies and Achievements on Console

In Valorant for console, PS5 users can earn trophies, while Xbox players can unlock achievements.

However, as of right now, there is no Platinum Trophy available for PS5 users, but we expect that to be added to the game in the near future.

Valorant Console
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Valorant Console

As of the time of writing, Valorant for the console has a total of 16 trophies, but there is a good chance more will be added in the future.

Below is a compilation of every trophy, along with its corresponding name, description, and what you need to do to earn it:

All Valorant for Console Trophies
I know exactly where you are. - Get 10 Wallbang Kills
And that's how it gets done! - Win 1 Game
Who's next? - Get 1 Kill
Next time we'll use wooden sticks! - Get a Thrifty
I'm built different. - Earn a Clutch
Beep beep beep, enough of that. - Successfully defuse a Spike with less than a second remaining
Here comes the party! - Use your Ultimate 125 times
Time for a field test. - Use your abilities 2000 times
That's going to leave a scar. - Deal 250000 Damage
Right between the eyes. - Get 300 Headshots
You want to play? Let's play - Use your Ultimate 300 times
Five in, five out. - Get a Flawless
Must I do everything? - Get an Ace
Take control. - Use your Abilities 4000 times
Looks like I got a little carried away. - Deal 500000 Damage
They're super dead!

These phrases are likely familiar if you have played Valorant before, as they are iconic lines spoken by the Agents in the game. They have been incorporated into the titles of the Valorant trophies and achievements available on the console.

Despite the introduction of these trophies as a fresh method to showcase your abilities and dedication to the game, as well as the necessary adjustments made to adapt Valorant for console play, the essence of the shooter game remains unchanged from the version you have come to adore on PC.

We hope this article was helpful, and wish you good luck in your trophy hunt.

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