Street Fighter 6 Ryu Guide: Best combos, move list, and more

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A screenshot of Ryu from the character trailer of Street Fighter 6.
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 offers a roster of both classic and new characters. One of the most familiar faces of the game is Ryu, a martial artist full of humility and potential. As one of the most basic characters, Ryu still surely packs a punch after all these years. We'll get to know more about this martial artist in our Street Fighter 6 Ryu guide below.

Ryu is known to be a martial artist who seeks true strength. He's quite well-mannered, and sincere, and travels the globe to look for worthy opponents. Additionally, he always seeks wisdom and aims to learn from every fight and experience.

Who is Ryu?

A screenshot of Ryu from the character trailer of Street Fighter 6.
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Credit: Capcom

Ryu is known to be a wise, and respectful individual. He has travelled the world with the desire to master martial arts. Moreover, he prioritises his training a lot. Because of his "wandering warrior" persona, he has trained away from modern society and he appears more distant to others.

Despite this though, Ryu is shown to be kind and good-hearted towards others. He is more than willing to help those who are less fortunate than himself and is gentle towards children. When it comes to his opponents, he still makes sure to respect and encourage them. He knows when to acknowledge and compliment them too, establishing good relationships with his opponents post-fights.

Ryu bread and butter combos

You don't have many combos to use as Ryu. However, these combo recommendations are sure to strike at every opponent with a lot of damage. You should also remember, that these combos are best to use when you're near the enemy. You can launch a series of attacks such as ki blasts with these combinations.

Ryu combination recommendations

  • Solar Plexus Strike, Solar Plexus Strike & Hadoken - Forward + Heavy Punch, Forward + Heavy Punch, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch
  • Light Punch, Drive Dash, Drive Kick, & Fuwa Triple Strike - Forward + Light Punch, Forward, Heavy Kick, Medium Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Kick
  • Short Uppercut, Hashogeki, High Blade Kick, & Shin Hashogeki (Charged) - Back + Heavy Punch, Down, Down-Back, Back + Punch, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Kick, Down, Down-Back, Back, Down, Down-Back, Back + Kick (Hold)

Ryu move list

A screenshot of Ryu from the gameplay trailer in Street Fighter 6.
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Credit: Capcom

Ryu has a wide variety of moves in his roster. he has some of the besrt combos seen in the game and is known to be a great all-rounder and is one of the most popular fighters in-game. Additionally, he's pretty great at mid-range to close-up fights. You can check out his unique attacks, special moves, and super arts right below.

Ryu unique attacks

In most of Ryu's unique attacks, he uses some heavy kicks alongside medium punches. He balances out being a heavy fighter with that combination. Moreover, he has a couple of combos that can deal overhead attacks to opponents.

Move Name Control Description
Axe KickBack + Heavy KickThis is an overhead move.
Collarbone BreakerForward + Medium PunchThis is an overhead move.
Fuwa Triple StrikeMedium Punch + Light Kick + Heavy KickA three-hit combo.
High Double StrikeHeavy Punch + Heavy KickA two-hit combo.
Short UppercutBack + Heavy PunchAn uppercut move.
Solar Plexus StrikeForward + Heavy PunchThis is a multi-hit punch move.
Whirlwind KickForward + Heavy KickA strong kick.

Ryu Special Moves

In terms of Ryu's special moves, he has a lot of high kicks and punches. It will be easy for you to hit the upper and lower hitboxes of opponents with these moves. Be sure to get the timing right when executing these moves against opponents.

Move Name Control Description
Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku(In Air) Quarter Circle Back + (Any) KickThis is the Tatsumaki Senpu-kyakuy mid-air which can change direction.
Denjin ChargeDown, Down + (Any) PunchThis is a booster that enhances your moves.
HashogekiQuarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchThis is a close-rang Ki burst.
High Blade KickQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickThis is a strong kick that sends the enemy flying.
ShoryukenDragon Punch + (Any) PunchAn uppercut move.
Tatsumaki Senpu-kyakuQuarter Circle Back + (Any) KickThis move set is a series of kicks.
HadokenQuarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchThis is a projectile.

Ryu Super Arts

While for Super Arts, Ryu can shoot projectiles which can balance against some long-range opponents, but at a mid-range distance. Alongside his projectile moves, he also has a close-range super art that can unleash some explosive damage against an opponent.

Move Name Control Description
Shinku HadokenDoble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) PunchThis is a projectile
Shin HashogekiDoble Quarter Circle Back + (Any) PunchThis is a close-range Ki burst that can be charged.
Shin Shoryuken Shoryuken Doble Quarter Circle Forward + (Any) KickThis is a close-range uppercut that unleashes a cinematic attack.

Tips to master Ryu

A screenshot of Ryu fighting Ken in Street Fighter 6.
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Credit: Capcom

Maximise the Denjin Charge

Having the Denjin Charge will definitely save you when you're in a pinch. It can help you establish strong attacks and deadly finishers for your combos. But take note that you can't exactly charge it all the time. You'll be vulnerable against your opponents if you don't time your charging right. It's best to charge the Denjin Charge when your opponent is knocked down.

Use Ryu's trait of being an all-rounder fighter

As mentioned earlier, Ryu is great as an all-round fighter in the Street Fighter series. He can possibly match up against any opponent on the roster. However, you should be able to master the fighting style of not only Ryu but also other enemy fighters. This helps you gain a better understanding of how your opponents fight so you can exploit weak points to your advantage.

Throw in a low kick every now and then

For heavy hitters and upper-body fighters such as Marisa, Ryu can definitely exploit her lack of lower body defence While Ryu's punches and kicks aren't effective for a long-range, he can catch heavy fighters off-guard with his low kick and perhaps knock them down.


Tips against opponent Ryu

Remember that Ryu is a versatile fighter

It's best to know the fighter you're using and how they are attacked by Ryu. Ryu can deal damage from close and mid-range distances. So you should be able to learn about your fighter and know how to adjust to his movesets.

He's weak against long-ranged attacks

In line with that, we also suggest you use long-ranged fighters such as Guile and Dhalsim. Moreover, fighters such as Zangief and Marisa can tank against Ryu's attacks and take on a lot of his moves. Be sure you move and attack wisely.

That pretty much ends this guide on Street Fighter 6's Ryu. You can check out our other guides on the game such as our Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li guide and how to change avatar in Street Fighter 6.

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