Rocket League Movie "PLAY!" is Coming Out in Spring 2024

@RLRecon on Twitter
Credit: Rocket League Movie "PLAY!" is Coming Out in 2024

@RLRecon on Twitter
Credit: Rocket League Movie "PLAY!" is Coming Out in 2024

It has been recently revealed that a Rocket League movie is currently in development in Japan! As per a tweet from the official Twitter account of the film, play_2024_movie, this cinematic endeavour will mark Japan's first foray into esports filmmaking.

Japan has long been recognised as a powerhouse in the video game industry. Consequently, the Japanese esports market has grown significantly over the years, with projections indicating it will surpass 18 billion yen by 2025. This upcoming movie is poised to shine a light onto the thriving Japanese esports scene, with Rocket League taking centre stage as the main game.

Rocket League movie “PLAY!” will air in 2024

Directed by Tomoyuki Furumaya and produced by Oji Hiroi, this upcoming movie will delve into a coming-of-age narrative inspired by a real-life male student. The title directly translates to “PLAY! ~It doesn’t matter if you win or lose~”. The lead roles have been announced, featuring Daiken Okudaira and Oji Suzuka.

A photo of lead role actors Daiken Okudaira and Oji Suzuka of the upcoming Rocket League movie "PLAY!"
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Credit: @play_2024_movie on Twitter
Daiken Okudaira and Oji Suzuka

As outlined in the premise shared on the film's official Twitter, the storyline will follow the journey of this young male student who, over time, gathers together an unconventional and "bumpy" esports team. This team experiences a rise to prominence, ultimately culminating at the national stage of Rocket League.

Many Rocket League fans are suspecting that the movie is based on the popular Japanese esports team Elevate. However, one of their star players, ReaLise, rebukes this claim.

"PLAY!" is scheduled for a nationwide release in Japan during Spring 2024. An overseas launch has yet to be mentioned by the developers. Nevertheless, the announcement has generated a wave of excitement among Rocket League and esports enthusiasts alike worldwide. We can anticipate an enthralling, seat-gripping, and inspiring cinematic experience!

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