Rocket League Champions Road Rewards Are Here!

Rocket League Champions Road 2023 official banner
Credit: Psyonix

Rocket League Champions Road 2023 official banner
Credit: Psyonix

The biggest Rocket League tournament of the year is right around the corner! To celebrate this highlight of the season, the game will host an exciting 2-week Champions Road event, where players can personally experience all the Esports glory. This event comes packed with thrilling game mode reruns, hefty challenge rewards, and much more!

This year’s Rocket League World Championship Series is sure to bring the game to new heights, and all the Esports-themed in-game incentives will definitely foster more engagement with the game’s competitive scene. Here’s everything we know about Rocket League Champions Road 2023.

Challenge rewards

Throughout Champions Road 2023, players have the opportunity to earn up to five Golden Trophies that unlock items from the Velocity, Triumph, and Vindicator Item Series'. Complete the Challenge up to five times to earn Golden Trophies, then open them in your Inventory to receive your rewards!

A screenshot of some of the Rocket League Champions Road challenge rewards
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Credit: Psyonix
Rocket League Champions Road challenge rewards

Here is a list of all the Champions Road 2023 challenge rewards:

  • Rocket League World Championship Trophy Topper
  • Let’s Goooooo! Player Banner
  • RLCS Crystalline Player Banner
  • RLCS Crystalline Avatar Border
  • Shmeedian Decal
  • 10-Senz Wheels
  • Pro-Tek Wheels
  • EZ Sweep Topper
  • Siiick Reads Topper
  • "Tireless Tryhard" Player Title
  • Golden Trophy '23

On top of that, players will also get the chance to unlock the painted versions of the Popcorn Goal Explosion as a fan reward! To claim this in-game reward, all you need to do is link your Twitch account to an Epic Games Account, tune into the Rocket League World Championship, and claim the reward.

Rocket League Popcorn Goal Explosion
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Credit: Psyonix
Rocket League Popcorn Goal Explosion

The Popcorn Goal Explosion will be available throughout the event, but from August 11 to 13, players will also have the opportunity to receive painted and unpainted Apex Wheels as drops. Don't miss out on these exciting rewards during Champions Road 2023!

Limited-time modes

The return of two thrilling limited-time modes in Champions Road 2023 has players buzzing with excitement!

A screenshot of Rocket League 2v2 Heatseeker.
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Credit: Psyonix
Rocket League 2v2 Heatseeker

First up is 2v2 Heatseeker, which will launch on 2 August, a mode where the Rocket Ball homes in on your opponent's goal whenever you hit it. Though there’s a caveat to this, if the opponent manages to make even a slight touch, the ball will rocket back towards your goal instead.

Then, on 9 August, get ready for a switch-up with Boomer Ball. In this mode, every move you make has a massive impact. The combination of increased ball and boost speed, along with unlimited boost, makes this one of the fastest and most exhilarating matches you'll ever play.

Champions Road Clutch Plays Contest

Get ready to show off your sickest clips In the Champions Road Clutch Plays Contest for the chance to win a free Rocket Pass Premium code and RLCS World Championship shirt! To secure your spot among the final three contenders, aim for the most likes on Twitter or upvotes on Reddit. The ultimate winner will be chosen by the Rocket League Community Team.

It's important to note that you must follow Rocket League's Twitter account in order to be eligible to enter the contest!

Rocket League Champions Road Clutch Plays Contest
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Credit: Psyonix
Rocket League Champions Road Clutch Plays Contest

Contest rules

  • Add #ChampionsRoadContest if posting on Twitter
  • Add Champions Road Contest flair if posting on Reddit
  • Submit to only Reddit OR Twitter (but not both)
  • Keep the clip less than 1 minute in length
  • Submit your clip as an MP4 file
  • The clip cannot contain added music
  • The clip cannot be edited except with the in-game editor
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  • The clip must be an actual play, not an orchestration

Contest Scheudle

  • Submissions Open: August 2
  • Submissions Close: August 10
  • Winners announced: August 16

Rocket League World Championship bundle

Looking for some exclusive in-game merch to celebrate the grand event? Don't miss out on the 2023 Rocket League World Championship Bundle, featuring a stunning set of crystalline purple items! When equipped, these items will bring the shimmer and shine of the World Championship trophy to life with every play. Not only do they look fantastic, but the RLCS Crystalline Decal is also universal, meaning you can use it on any car in your Garage.

And that's not all! You can also rock out with the "PANDEMONIUM" by NF Player Anthem, the official RLCS World Championship theme song. Grab it now and make your mark in style!

2023 Rocket League World Championship Bundle will cost 1500 credits, and include the following items:

  • RLCS Crystalline Decal
  • RLCS Crystalline Boost
  • RLCS Crystalline Wheels
  • "PANDEMONIUM" by NF Player Anthem

Discounted decals

Get ready to amp up the excitement with the Esports Shop's incredible sale, offering a massive discount of up to 50% on various items. From August 2 to 16, you can score some fantastic deals on gear, allowing you to proudly represent your favourite teams in the Arena!

  • Team Decals - 200 Esports Tokens
  • Team Player Banners - 50 Esports Tokens
  • Team Goal Explosions - 300 Esports Tokens

The Rocket League World Championship will take place in two phases. The Wildcard Stage will run from 3 - 6 August, determining the top 16 teams. Once the teams are decided, the event will move to the Main Event, scheduled from 8 - 13 August.

Don’t miss out on any of the action! You’ll be able to watch the Rocket League World Championship on the Rocket League Twitch channel, YouTube channel, and TikTok page!

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