Rocket League 2: Release date, what to expect, and more

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Launched in 2015, Rocket League has undergone tons of changes from the time it was released to now, over eight years later. Taking it from an indie game with a modest price tag to a free-to-play live service juggernaut, one thing Psyonix has never done is let their game stagnate.

However, after almost a decade of support, a lot of players feel that a sequel, or Rocket League 2, is well overdue. Here's everything we know about a potential Rocket League 2, as well as all the hints we have towards a Rocket League 2 release date.

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Rocket League 2 release date window

Unfortunately, as of now, we have no confirmation on a Rocket League 2 release date or release date window. We will update this article with new information as soon as it comes out. Luckily, however, there are several factors surrounding Rocket League that can help us make a very educated guess on when a sequel might be coming out.

For starters, the base Rocket League game has been seeing a lot of slowdown in terms of updates and bug fixes. This isn't anything too crazy, as we still get new seasons and items, but the sudden slowdown despite the game's continued popularity hints that maybe Psyonix is cooking up a sequel behind the scenes.

This change in development, paired with the recent news that player-to-player trading is being removed as a feature in December, shows that Psyonix is preparing to bring some big changes to Rocket League as we know it. And there's a good chance that this means Rocket League 2.

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As for a release window, the earliest we can speculate it to come out is during the third quarter of 2024. This would give Epic Games enough time to announce and adequately build up anticipation for the game. However, the release window could go all the way up to late 2024 and even into 2025. As of now, it is even possible that Rocket League 2 isn't being worked on at all.

What to expect

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Creating a sequel to a live service game is always a bit tough. If your game's being updated all the time, what changes can you really bring that would justify creating a brand new title altogether? In the case of Rocket League 2, there are a lot of possible sweeping changes that can be made.

The first is the game's highly anticipated port to Unreal Engine 5. This would bring a graphical upgrade that completely changes the way we see and play Rocket League. It would be more than reason enough to sell a sequel to the existing popular IP.

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Next up are potential new game modes. You can't feel a game's sequel if you don't have new ways to play the game, and with a game as creative as Rocket League, Psyonix has tons of room to work with to create some awesome new modes. In the same vein, it is also almost certain that we will see tweaks and adjustments to the existing game modes, similar to how Overwatch 2 took matches from 6v6s to 5v5s.

Unfortunately, it's highly likely that trading will not be coming back in Rocket League 2. The decision seemed to have been made in order to get Rocket League's monetization model closer to other Epic Games properties, such as Fortnite. That goal won't change whether or not a sequel is made.

Finally, what's very up in the air is whether Rocket League 2 would be free-to-play or not. Chances are it will be free-to-play, as the live-service model has been working great for Epic Games so far. Though only time will tell how exactly a potential Rocket League 2 works.

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