eFootball: Season 0 Officially Launched

eFootball Season 0

eFootball Season 0

eFootball is a franchise that has consistently evolved over the past few years and Konamia are once again taking things to the next level with the arrival of Season 0.

Another total reset that sees new kits added into the game, the launch of Season 0 will make eFootball once again feel like a totally new experience.

For some time, eFootball will be the only place to experience these new looks in gaming, before the release of competitors.

For all the latest details on what will feature in Season 0, check below.

Konami launching Season 0

As we gear up for the grand release, squad updates will be rolling out throughout August, keeping the excitement levels high among the gaming community.

As we head into the new update of eFootball, all new kits will be added into the title as seen below with eFootball partners, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

eFootball 24 New Kits!
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eFootball 24 New Kits!

Exciting times with eFootball as the new era begins as we approach the 2023/24 footballing season, another year for the eFootball madness to continue!

Season 0 Release Date

Season 0 is live now in eFootball 2023, with new kits and squads already implemented into the game.

eFootball Martinez
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NEW ERA - eFootball will be the first game to boast new kits and squads

The arrival of Season 0 will no doubt cause a buzz, with players eager to get stuck in and use the brand-new kits for the 2023/24 season.

Season 0 is a total reset and will mark another fresh start for the game, as more major events are set to be announced in the coming weeks and months.

eFootball Mobile hits 650 million downloads

In a remarkable achievement, "eFootball" Mobile has crossed a significant milestone by surpassing a whopping 650 million downloads. The game had already celebrated reaching 600 million downloads worldwide in February 2023, and the numbers continue to climb.

Konami is now treating players to a thrilling 3-week campaign, from the 3rd to the 24th of August, filled with bonuses, achievements, and exciting challenge events.

The rewards are impressive, including 450,000 GP, 150 coins, 3 Epic Chance Deals, 360,000 GP, 90,000 Experience Points, 200 additional coins, and a gift of 300 coins for participating in a total of 50 matches at v.3.0.0's release.

650 million downloads!
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650 million downloads!

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