eFootball 2023 Best Strikers: Flashy Forwards that will dominate for your team

eFootball 2023 Mbappe

eFootball 2023 Mbappe

eFootball 2023 may not have hit its promise yet, but the game is still a great free-to-play offering for any football fans that want to try something new.

As we all know, firing into the onion bag is the aim of the game and you'll need a prolific forward in order to complete that task.

In this list, we're taking a look at the best strikers that you can sign in eFootball 2023.

From flashy forwards to certified legends, these men are certain to do the business at the front end of the pitch.

eFootball 2023 Best Strikers

There are a number of top stars available in eFootball 2023.

Of course, with limited clubs available to use due to licensing issues, there aren't as many options as we see in the FIFA franchise.

That being said, these following strikers are all great options to check out and are certain to become some of your favourite players in the game.

Erling Haaland

Everyone knows about the killer instincts of Erling Haaland, and you won't be surprised to hear that the Norwegian forward is one of the very best strikers in eFootball 2023.

efootball 2023 haaland
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RECORD BREAKER - Haaland is a certified beast in efootball 2023

Haaland has all the attributes required, leading the line with ease.

His mix of raw speed and power makes him a great option for your team, with his physicality being his biggest plus.

Robert Lewandowski

Similar to Kane, but beating out the English forward on this occasion, Lewandowski has the fortune of playing for fully licensed Barca.

Deadly in front of goal and more than capable of scoring at least a goal a game, Lewa remains one of the best around.

efootball 2023 lewandowski
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BARCA STAR - Lewandowski remains one of the best in efootball 2023

Of course, his mix of stats makes him deadly, whilst his lack of speed means you will need to support him with faster forwards.

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is a dominant force across the world of football gaming and you be assured that the French forward is one of the best in eFootball 2023.

A striker with all the attributes to become a killer forward for your team, Mbappe is certain to be dominant for your team.

efootball 2023 mbappe
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CEO OF PARIS - Mbappe is unsurprisingly one of the best around in efootball 2023

Be mindful, however, when it comes to Dream Team, this man will cost you a lot of money.

Lautaro Martinez

A differential choice to Mbappe, Lautaro Martinez remains a deadly forward who can well and truly contribute to the goal department.

Plying his trade for Inter, Martinez has the mix of pace and agility that is perfect for a tricky forward.

efootball 2023 martinez
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DIFFERENTIAL CHOICE - Martinez is a unique forward that has it all

Costing less than Mbappe and providing excellent results, we'd recommend trying out this gem.

Victor Osimhen

We were torn between having Lukaku or Osimhen for this entry, but we've opted for the Napoli sensation.

With Serie A fully licensed in the game, Osimhen is at the peak of his powers and there's no surprise he's turning the heads of the biggest clubs in the world.

efootball 2023 osimhen
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RISING STAR - Osimhen has burst onto the scene this season

A sensation ready to explode, we think Osimhen is the perfect striker to use in this year's game.

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