Will NHL 24 be Crossplay?

Even though we still don’t know the exact NHL 24 release date, we expect the most popular ice hockey video game to come out this autumn. Right now, there is plenty of talk about the game, such as platform availability, deep dives, cover athlete, and whether NHL 24 will be crossplay.

Despite some rumours about NHL 24 and that due to downsizing at Electronic Arts the hockey simulation will not be published anymore, the players don’t have to panic because that’s not true.

The previous edition of the game, NHL 23, provided various new features, upgrades, and content, and we hope that NHL 24 will be even better and improved. In this piece, we discuss more about NHL 24 crossplay.

Will NHL 24 be crossplay?

The good news for players is that NHL 24 is cross-platform. The players who play on the same console generation will be able to play against each other.

NHL 23
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That means PS4 users can play NHL 24 against Xbox One players, while PS5 users can compete against Xbox Series players. However, given that cross-console invitations are not supported, PS5 and Xbox Series users cannot be on the same team.

NHL 24 release date

Based on the projections, NHL 24 should come out on the second Friday of October. That was the case in the last three years. EA Sports still didn't offer an official release date, but this is a trend after the COVID-19 pandemic. Before that, this ice hockey simulation was published in September from 2003 to 2019.

  • NHL 21: October 16 2020
  • NHL 22: October 12 2021
  • NHL 23: October 11 2022
  • NHL 24: October 13 2023 (predicted)
NHL 24 will likely come out this October
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The NHL 24 release date is expected to be on the second Friday in October

When it comes to NHL 24 early access, it usually launches a few days before the official release. For the past three editions, we got early access precisely three days prior to the game release. It means that we will likely get NHL 24 early access on October 10.

NHL 24 cover athlete projections

Probably one of the hottest topics when a new sports video game is about to be published is who will be the cover athlete. We already discussed this topic and predicted five skaters who could end up as the NHL 24 cover athlete. Nothing is confirmed to date, but stay tuned for more news about NHL 24 in the following weeks.

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