NHL 24 Cover Athlete Revealed

NHL 24 cover star

NHL 24 cover star

To the joy of millions of hockey fans from all around the world, NHL 24 has finally revealed its cover athlete. Despite the game release date still being far away, it's great to finally know who is gracing the cover of the title.

Since this year's edition is very important for the NHL franchise, the cover athlete was carefully selected. They needed someone that represented winning, hard work, and the coming of a new era. So, it's fitting that they are choosing a young and very talented player, that already has a career full of accolades, to be the face of NHL 24.

NHL 24 cover star

The NHL 24 cover star is non-other than Stanley Cup champion, and Conn Smythe Trophy winner, Cale Makar. Makar is one of the best players in the NFL and is already regarded as an elite defender. At only 24 years old, Makar is the present and future of the NHL.

So, it seems fitting that Makar is the cover star for NHL 24. He is a great player, loved by fans, and symbolizes everything people love about Hockey.

NHL 24 cover
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Here is the NHL 24 cover!

It's also worth noting that, NHL opted for a different approach when it came to its cover. While last year two players were featured on the cover of the game, EA Sports decided that this year's edition would only feature one player.

Because of that, expect to see Cale Makar alone in the cove of all the NHL 24 editions. Hopefully, fans will like this idea of going back to a more traditional cover style.

Release date

The release date of NHL 24 still hasn't been officially announced. However, if we take a look at when the previous editions were released, we get a good idea of when NHL 24 will come out.

NHL 24 deluxe cover
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Credit: NHL 24
Will NHL 24 be the best entry in the franchise's history?

So, we expect NHL 24 to release around October 13 for all the consoles. The title will surely bring some incredible new features and improved gameplay, and deliver a immersive experience.

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