NHL 24: Hockey legend Bobby Orr added to the game!

NHL 24 Bobby Orr update cover

NHL 24 Bobby Orr update cover

EA Sports has surprised the NHL community, by announcing that Hockey legend Bobby Orr has been added to NHL 24! This marks the introduction of the Boston Bruins legend to the NHL franchise, something hockey fans have been asking for years.

To celebrate his addition to the game, NHL 24 is also introducing other Bobby Or-themed content. This content will be spread across the NHL 24 modes, such as HUT, World of Chel, Franchise, and others.

So, let's take a look at everything the Bobby Orr update brings to the game.

NHL 24 Bobby Orr update

As mentioned above, the greatest defenseman in NHL history, and Boston Bruins legend, Bobby Orr, has finally made his debut in the NHL franchise. This comes just weeks after Orr made the Bruins All-Centennial Team, and it's a way NHL 24 found to celebrate his greatness.

NHL 24 will reward users who log in before 2 January 2024 with a free HUT Pack containing a base Bobby Orr item, which is a playable character for all players. Furthermore, it also added the Bruins Centennial Uniforms, a Bobby Orr Master Item, and introduced two Bobby Orr-themed HUT Moments.

NHL 24 Bobby Orr card
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It's worth noting that, players can earn the Bobby Orr Master Item for free if they complete the Gallery of Greats HUT Event. This event is already live and should be up and running at least until 2 January 2024.

The Bruins Centennial Uniforms were also added to World of Chel and players can claim them in the store. Bobby Orr was also added to the Boston Bruins Alumni Team, and players can now use them on the Paly Now mode.

Gameplay changes

The Bobby Orr update also introduced a lot of gameplay changes and many bug fixes. This wasn't just an update to include the legendary player in the game, it also addressed some big problems the NHL community has been complaining about.

NHL 24 Bobby Orr
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The Lacrosse shot was nerfed, some very unrealistic shooting animations were fixed, and many bugs regarding the Vision Pass Icon feature were also addressed.

You can see all the major changes the Bobby Or update introduced here. For guides and all the latest news about NHL 24, visit RealSport101. You can also read our NHL 24 review here.

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