NHL 24: How to win faceoffs

faceoffs in NHL 24

faceoffs in NHL 24

We’re just a day away from NHL 24 official release, as the game comes out on 6 October 2023. Thus far, we talked about how to score, how to hit, and how to fight. In this guide, we discuss how to win faceoffs in NHL 24.

Winning faceoffs can help you in many ways, especially if it occurs on the opposing side of the rink. Still, you must know when to start swinging in order to win a faceoff and a possession for your team.

There are several rules and tips on how to win faceoffs in NHL 24. Follow them, and you’ll dominate this aspect of an ice hockey game.

How to win faceoffs in NHL 24

Winning faceoffs in NHL 24 will be easier if you master the controls, timing, and X-factors, use the best centers, and observe your opponent’s hands when the puck drops.

NHL 24 faceoff controls

First and foremost, you must know faceoff controls. We explained all the NHL 24 controls in one of our previous guides, and when it comes to faceoffs, it’s pretty straightforward.

Faceoff in NHL 24
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Faceoff in NHL 24

If you want to go low on the puck, press Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) on your controller. If you want to go high, press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) instead. To go directly after the puck, press R1 or R2 as soon as you enter the circle.


To win a faceoff in NHL 24, it is important to be prepared and in position before the puck drops. Proper execution of timing is crucial for success. Once your feet are planted, make sure to have your grip in the forehand or backhand position and wait for the NHL referee to drop the puck.

Quick Draw

In NHL 24, Quick Draw is an x-factor particularly useful in faceoffs. This trait allows for unmatched rapidity and higher defensive zone faceoff statistics. Be cautious when facing players with this x-factor, as it will be difficult to defeat them in a faceoff.

Use the best faceoff centers

If you wonder how to win faceoffs in NHL 24, you will need centers specialized in this. To increase your chances of winning possession for your team, sign a center with outstanding faceoff statistics. Two-way centers typically have the best faceoff statistics.

Observe your opponent’s hands

To determine your opponent's faceoff strategy, watch their hands. This is how to win faceoffs in NHL 24. If you can see their thumb and fingers, they are likely using a forehand grip. A backhand faceoff or forehand stick lift can easily defeat a simple forehand grip.

With the right timing, you may even surpass your opponent's fundamental forehand grip with the same grip. If you see the knuckles of your opponent's glove instead of their fingers, respond with a better-timed backhand or a tie-up move.

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