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NHL 24

NHL 24

The 33rd instalment of the NHL video game series is coming out on 6 October 2023. Although NHL 24 has many similarities to the previous edition, there are some new features and gameplay mechanics this time out. In our recent guides, we discussed how to score, how to deke, and how to hit, but now, let’s check out how to reverse hit in NHL 24.

A reverse hit is a special move to fend off the defender who is coming to hit you. Performing this move will allow you to shake the defender off and attempt an uncontested shot toward the goal. It will also make your opponent think whether he’ll try to hit you the next time.

To execute a reverse hit, you must know basic controls. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to reverse hit in NHL 24

If you wonder how to reverse hit in NHL 24 - you’re in the right place. When you control your skater and use the speed boost, let go of it, and your player will glide. Then, the defender will arrive with an attempt to hit you, so you press and hold the X button (PlayStation) or A button (Xbox) to brace for the hit. The defender will be knocked off, and you can get separation by utilizing the speed boost again.

Reverse hit in NHL 24
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Reverse hit in NHL 24 is a powerful weapon when on offense

How to execute a reverse hit on PlayStation:

  • Step 1: Glide
  • Step 2: Press X

How to execute a reverse hit on Xbox:

  • Step 1: Glide and tap Y to protect the puck
  • Step 2: Press A

How to hit in NHL 24

When you are in the role of a defenseman, and you want to hit your opponent, this is what to do. Pull back your right stick and then flick up as you make contact with your opponent. Performing a hit in NHL 24 is a bit harder than in previous editions. Make sure the timing is right as you approach the opponent, or you will completely miss him.

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